We Empower Women On The Road To Recovery

We partner with specialized rehabilative programs in a joint effort to break the ring of trafficking and exploitation in the San Diego community. Our goal is to restore hope and encourage women to transform into who God created them to be. We inspire survivors in the pursuit of leading fufilling and purpose driven lives by providing compassionate dental care free of charge. Help us spread pervasive hope!


We restore dignity one smile at a time, from survival to revival and beyond.

Dr. Gaball standing and smiling with a patient
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Women make up about half of the population.

Growing up in Russia, with my sister and I being raised by our mother and my father in prison most of my childhood, has given me a real life experience of the challenges women face in the world.

Being given an opportunity to live in the USA – a country founded on strong principles of freedom and protection of human rights has given me a sense of purpose and responsibility to create an empowered way for women to be in the world. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights of all US citizens.

Being a mother of three daughters I seek to be a part of the solution for the world where women are treated with dignity, respect and honor and can safely pursue their dreams and life goals. Women are created by God for love, creation of life, nurturing of children and serving their communities with compassion and grace.

I choose to stand for all that God has planned for my life and the lives of other women being made possible. I commit to reducing the suffering within the female human experience and being the change I want to see in the world.

-Dr. Elona Gaball

Help Us Make A Difference In San Diego


Tax Deductible

We are a stand alone 501c3 nonprofit which means the donation you make to Inspire Changes is not only benefiting the lives of others, it benefits your bottom line! Does it get better than that?


We believe in transparency. We utilize 100% of your donation on the actual materials and expenses of providing this free dental care. We only use the funds for in-house dental treatment.


If helping others is important to you, this is a great way to give back to your community without skipping a beat in your busy schedule! You have been blessed-this is a great way to bless others!

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness For ALL Women.

Help Us Heal Our Community!

We stand for a community that values the health and wellbeing of everyone, even it’s most vunerable.


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