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Dr Elona Waxes Philosophical on Heidegger - get it?

Dr Elona Waxes Philosophical on Heidegger - get it?

Happy Sunday!

Today is Resurrection Sunday (aka “Easter”) for the Christian community, and the end of Q1 for the business community.  As spring unfolds, days get longer, flowers bloom, rain refreshes, and a sense of renewal and optimistic anticipation is definitely in the air! ✨

What does all of this mean to you?🙋🏼

Or haven’t you even noticed? 🙋🏼

Are you in eager expectation of all that is to come?🙋🏼

If you are - AMAZING! I AM WITH YOU! If you are not - let’s talk:

Are you resigned, cynical, tired and overwhelmed with the stressors of life?

Is your life like the movie Groundhog Day - every day feels the same?

Are you just being taken along down the conveyor belt of life?

Are you uncertain about the value you bring to the other human beings in your world and whether or not anything you do actually matters or makes any difference?

If you are not noticing the beauty of life around you and not experiencing the true JOY of being ALIVE, you may be in a state of “Tranquilized Obviousness.”  This is a specialized term used by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger describing the all too common condition of having become complacent in the way we think and show up in life.  The result is that our state of being is on autopilot, no longer engaged nor curious.

Is your body, fitness level, health and wellbeing on autopilot?🙋🏼

Is your relationship with God or spiritual connection on autopilot?🙋🏼

Is your relationship with your partner and others important to you on autopilot?🙋🏼

Is how you make money on autopilot? 🙋🏼

Reflect and journal on those areas to discover where you are. Realizing that you are in, then getting out of your tranquilized obviousness is your access to ultimate personal freedom.   We must be clear and factual, firmly grounded in REALITY to be able to make a choice about what actions are best to take.  This may not be as straightforward as you think.  Begin to notice that what you normally think of as reality, “the truth," or “how it is” is a story - your story. We all do this.  But can you distinguish it, see past your stories, and just see facts, or “what is so” with nothing added?

If you are intrigued with this conversation, contact me for a FREE call to determine if I can be of service to you through Inspire Lives personal growth coaching.

I AM excited to share that I have completed another certification: as a Warrior Method Business Trainer. It’s a very intense program of personal development and training to coach and lead others in the four areas that make up a complete life: body, balance, being, and business. This certification is in addition to my Certified High Performance Coaching, and my UCLA leadership training.

On a different but related note, a reminder that as a practice we are EXCITED to be moving into unrestricted relationships with most dental benefits plans. This will occur with Delta Dental as of April.

What does it mean for YOU?

It means freedom! Yes, you still are able to access all of your benefits, but with no more limitations to care, restrictions on access to benefits or reducing the value of services provided to the unworkable.  Good bye frustration. No more emotional, physical and mental strain on you and our team wasting hours of precious time navigating benefit plans, waiting on hold with them and trying to convince them to cover what you need.  All of this creates upsets and distractions from what truly matters, which IS YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING.

I’ll tell it to you straight: Delta Dental and other benefit plans don't prefer this unrestricted arrangement because it allows you to access more of your benefits rather than them keeping the money. It's better for you, not as great for them.

Instead of living in Tranquilized Obviousness, on “dental industry autopilot,” and just going along with the herd allowing third parties to dictate your health and limit your freedom in making your own decisions on what serves you best, let’s move into alignment and partnership. Let’s fully move into the relationship of trust, respect and mutual support that we have been building:  You, as our valued client and patient, myself as your healthcare provider, most avid advocate and supporter; and our team who are all here to serve you from their hearts.


We’ve got you! We will assist you with any administrative or claims issues.

There is a minor shift in the billing process. The payment for all services will be to the practice. We will continue supporting you by filing the claims for you and providing all necessary  documentation and records to your dental benefits plans, including Delta Dental so you can be reimbursed. You will be receiving the check from the plan itself for services that are within the scope of their coverage. As a courtesy to you we will provide you a breakdown of what your benefit plan covers prior to treatment, so there will be no surprises.  The check will go to YOU vs the practice. That is truly the only difference.  ALL else remains the same.

This evolution MUST occur for our practice to remain in full INTEGRITY of who we are - THE provider of high quality services, long term suitable results of all treatment, optimal health and wellbeing of our patients, a relaxed and peaceful patient experience with the appropriate amount of time and attention allotted for your visits, the best materials, elevated technology, and refined touches that serve to give you what you deserve - AN ELITE LEVEL EXPERIENCE and RESULTS.

While it's pretty simple and there is nothing for you to do, if you missed our previous emails on this topic and would like to read more, they are catalogued on our website under BlogTab/Newsletter.  You can also just call or email us if you would like more clarity or have questions on what being in an unrestricted relationship with dental plans means for you.

We are here for YOU!

Click the button or text me at (858) 925-3142 to schedule a coaching call with me if what I shared spoke to you and you want to experience the FULLNESS of life and all it has to offer.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

I personally wrote this email, not a 3rd party and not AI

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