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Free Botox and Bro-tox and other ways to be awesome!

Free Botox and Bro-tox and other ways to be awesome!

Happy Sunday!

Thank you for engaging with my emails. I LOVE the conversations, connection and affinity.🧡🫶🏻🧡.  You KNOW that I LOVE you guys!

In addition to being an aesthetic and rehabilitative dentist I am a Certified High Performance Coach. I have been in the intense High Performance Training for over 6 yrs!  Like many of you I have always gotten top rankings, awards, recognitions, and always risen up to the top of my classes at all levels of education and training. In all of my social engagements have been asked to step up to the leadership roles.  Likewise, I practice at the top 2-5% of my profession.  And I know a lot of you are similarly driven.

Why do I do it? I just AM it. This is my most natural and authentic way of being. I see the potential in people, the opportunities and possibilities they may not even see for themselves, and more than anything seek for all of that to become a reality they experience for themselves in life. That applies to their oral health, beauty of their smile, state of overall wellbeing, and beyond that LIFE as a whole!

I push myself every day; every minute of my day! And definitely push others to question the status quo, to disrupt the ordinary, to break through resignation, to truly LIVE, to be inspired, motivated and experience life in it’s fullest. These emails are one expression of that.

I have a commitment to build authentic and connected relationships with you through sharing and opening up conversations. One way I’ve been doing that is a commitment I made to myself almost a year ago: 52 emails - 1 email/week for the whole year! How long does it take? Hours each Saturday, to give you something of value. Have I been honoring my word?  “YES” 🔥

! We started on Black Friday 2022 and we are almost there in 2023. Let’s FINISH STRONG!!! 💪🏻

I invite you to also FINISH 2023 STRONG with all the commitments you have made for yourself and your life. If you need someone to support and PUSH you- LMK by scheduling an initial call by texting me on my personal mobile (858) 925-3142!🔥

Here is something else of value and another way you can show up better! FREE Botox !!!! Remember - BRO-tox IS a thing! 🫶🏻

Botox injections is one of the ways you can physically feel and look your BEST! And it’s not just for sisters! “Bro-tox” is a thing! 😱

Many men get it done!  It is an easy, quick and effective way to look like you are at peace, refreshed, balanced, not angry and tired. It’s also super safe, and the effect is temporary - 4 months.  It’s one of the least risky things you can do.  Perhaps surprisingly to you, Botox is one of, if not THE most studied treatments in the history of medicine! Depending on where it is placed, it can also help reduce or even in many instances eliminate headaches, clenching and grinding of teeth and the impact of that upon bite, causing broken teeth or restorations, therefore necessitating dental treatment that could have been prevented.

November 15th is National Botox Day! Everyone who schedules to receive Botox in November will get BOGO 25 units (buy 25 units get 25 FREE)!  Invite friends and family.  Make it fun and do a Botox date with your significant other! Maybe do a Botox party with friends!  Don’t have time to come in?  Buy it as a credit and use it when you DO have time, or buy it as a Holiday Gift 🎁!

The possibilities ARE ENDLESS! Also check out for additional BOGO gifts directly from Allergan, the company making Botox.  There is even a $25,000 sweepstakes offer! Call us to learn how to take advantage of the offers on their site.  Check it out and don’t loose out on this AMAZING offer from US!

Schedule your Botox experience with Dr. Curtis - a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. He has cared for warfighters of all kinds, including extensive work with the Navy SEALs - if it’s good enough for the NAVY SEALS - it’s GOOD enough for YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona🧡

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