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Happy Sunday! ✨😊✨

We honor, respect and appreciate you and consider it a true honor and a privilege to be of service. THANK YOU! 🙏🏻

We have been having conversations with some of you and it has become clear that there are some misunderstandings around the use of your dental benefits (often erroneously referred to as “dental insurances”) as we move into an unrestricted relationship with dental benefit providers.

Thus CLARIFICATION related to our current and future relationship with Dental Benefit Plans (DBP) and their use at the practice is required.

Please read the below carefully and with full attention. ❤️

Misconception #1🤨:You don’t take my insurance.


Reality: All the benefits you have remain the same, active, and applicable at our practice. In the new “unrestricted” relationship with dental plans, benefits are often accessible to a greater degree.

What it means to YOU is that you can actually utilize MORE of the yearly maximum you pay for, that you can utilize them for a greater range of services and at times a greater amount. It allows for YOU to access YOUR benefits with more freedom and flexibility to YOU.  ✅

It is important to realize that what most patients (including you) think of as “dental insurance" is not actually an “insurance" in the way the term is ordinarily used. For more on that see one of my YouTube videos about this at

Misconception #2🤨: “We now have to pay more for our cleanings that used to be fully covered.”


Reality: All preventative services remain the same with the same level of contribution from DBPs.

The unrestricted relationship allows for greater access to the amount of contribution a plan may provide, unlocking additional benefits for you. We have an even more advantageous opportunity for preventive services than DBPs provide, that allows for a significantly higher level of preventative care and provides additional discounts towards dental services.  It is called the Healthy Smiles Plan (HSP), a yearly membership. We offer Child, Classic and Elite levels of membership. Many patients have found that they have more significant savings and less restrictions with the HSP vs a DBP. HSPs can be used in lieu of DBPs, or in conjunction as an upgrade to the minimal and highly restrictive benefits provided by most DBPs. ✅

We are happy to explain the details of the HSP and help you decide if it is best for you. Just call, email, or stop by!

Misconception #3🤨: “I can no longer see you and have to find another practice.”


Reality: We can see anyone and everyone, and you can still see us!

If your plan is a PPO (most of you), benefits are applied the same way to both restricted and unrestricted providers. All your benefits will remain. In ADDITION - when seeing an unrestricted provider, like us, the benefit plans actually often times pay more for a greater range of services and more quickly. This means that you actually more fully utilize the benefits you pay for and with more efficient processing.  If your plan were an HMO (virtually none of you), this WOULD restrict you in whom you may be able to see to apply the benefits. In this case, you could still see us and we could help you find a solution to how to optimize the benefits.

Misconception #4: You think there is something you need to do or “figure out”.


Reality: There isn’t.

Just keep doing what you've been doing. We did the figuring out for you.

Here are some things we may offer you if we identify that they would be beneficial to you:

1. Healthy Smiles Plans- contact us to clarify, discuss and show you how they work.❤️

2. Giving the full maximum yearly benefit as a courtesy discount UP FRONT (even if the benefit plan contributes less) to comprehensive smile rehabilitation, complex phased treatment and elective smile transformation treatment plans. ❤️

3. Being open, creative and coming up with what works for all involved in being able to deliver the highest quality of service and add greatest value to you, your health and your life on an individual basis. ❤️

Misconception #5: You think you know more about this issue than we do. 🤣😅😂


Reality: You don’t - and you don't need to.  We have been working with Dental Benefit Providers for decades. We’ve got you!

We are here to SERVE you and we are an individualized, concierge type comprehensive practice with complete solutions. By concierge we don’t mean more expensive, we mean greater value and individualized approach. You are treated as an individual with all the time and attention required to assist you in the best possible way.

I personally believe the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships and our communication.

All  created and resolved through communication.

We are here FOR YOU! Do not allow misconceptions to lead to division and create separation.

Call, email, or even schedule an in-personal consolations with our amazing team and we WILL help you get exactly what YOU want as quickly and as elegantly as possible.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona❤️

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