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Hello, its Dr. Elona!

Hello, its Dr. Elona!

Over the past few months, we have communicated to you in various forms about our plan to move to an unrestricted relationship with Dental Benefit plans (which are often incorrectly referred to as “dental insurances”).

We are excited to announce that as of next week we will finally be in an unrestricted relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield & Delta Dental!

Here is what you can expect, as we enter this new chapter:

  • I am still your dentist, and this is still your dental home, that will not change.
  • You can still use all of your Blue Cross Blue Shield or Delta benefits with us.
  • There is nothing you need to do, just keep coming to us as you have been.

First, I am repeating for clarity and emphasis: you can still use your Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Delta benefits with us! We will continue to submit claims on your behalf as a courtesy to you! The difference is that in the future you will receive the reimbursement check from your benefit plan instead of us receiving it; and treatment fees will be due at time of service. With this new arrangement we believe that, in general, we will be able to access a higher rate and range of reimbursement for you and your overall investment into your dental care will not change significantly.

Secondly, we have enhanced our in-house membership plan (Healthy Smiles Plan), which all our patients who utilize it absolutely love. In many instances it saves them money and is better than traditional dental benefits because it is applicable to all services, unlike these benefit plans which only cover a limited set of services. This plan may be right you if your employer deducts dental benefits from your paycheck (look at your pay stub to see), or if you have been paying for dental benefits yourself in any form.  Next time you’re in the office, please ask for details about our plan – We are really proud of it!

Thirdly, we know that correspondence from dental benefits companies can be confusing.  If you receive a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield or Delta Dental, please KNOW that the bottom line is that your relationship with our practice does NOT change, you ARE ABSOLUTELY able and should continue coming to our practice where you ARE STILL able to access ALL of your benefits, perhaps to an even greater extent! We will assist you with all your dental claims and we remain your dental home. If you receive such a letter and it seems confusing, please call our practice and we will clarify what it means.

This change is both necessary and good, which is why we are excited.  It ensures that you will receive the appropriate level and quality of care and your benefits are accessed fully. If you want more information, please link to this YouTube video where I explain this evolution further:

If you have any questions, please ask us!

Thank you for your trust in us to help you thrive and live fully!

With love and gratitude,
Dr. Elona and Inspire Smiles Team ❤️

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