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I know what you value

I know what you value

Happy Sunday! Its a glorious day in So Cal!☀️

Are enjoying life, your weekend, fun activities, and being with people you love?

We ALL want that! How do we get more of what we ALL want? TIME!!!⏰

It is said that our most valuable asset is TIME ⏰, and I agree!

How we allocate our time reveals what we value.

If you value health - time is required to exercise, meal plan and prep, meditate, sleep, etc.

If you value professional success - time is required to grow in your career, learn new skills, work on your business, etc.

If you value relationships - time is required to connect with people you love and to invest into developing new relationships.

No matter what aspect of life you value, getting more in that area requires the investment of time⏰.

So….Do YOU value your time? 🙋🏼♀️.  Yes. We have established that if you value anything at all, you also value your time.

We are very blessed to live in a very well-to-do community. I recognize that the people we serve are amazing human beings with great accomplishments. I KNOW that from being in relationship with you and listening to your truly inspiring life stories.

EVERYONE I know who is a part of our practice is UP to BIG things in life. It’s a requirement to live where we do. Each of us must make a GREAT INVESTMENT in order to be able to live in San Diego. I GET THAT because I obviously live here too!✨

Time also has a sometimes overlooked aspect - it’s fugacious, and almost ephemeral! Cool words Doc!!! They are true of time - look up the definitions. 👩🏼⚖️

TIME is also in a direct correlate with money. The old saying is true: TIME IS MONEY! Every wasted second has a measurable value or cost💲.

What’s the point ? 🙋🏼♀️

I value my time and I KNOW you do too!

What does that have to do with dentistry?


We always have a choice; this is a freedom that we have as human beings. We can choose how we see life and it’s circumstances, what we believe of people, and how we invest our time.

What we CHOOSE to invest our time in IS what we value.

Because you value your time (which IS not only MONEY, BUT also an irreplaceable asset that is most wisely invested to get the HIGHEST possible ROIs in the areas of live you value most, such as relationships, personal wellness, or some contribution you get to make to the world) PLEASE CONSIDER:

  1. Why would a person neglect their oral and systemic health by either not coming in for their preventative visits, or choosing the bare minimum due to the limitations of their Dental Benefit Plan?
  2. What costs more: $70/month for the MOST ELITE and highest quality preventative dental care, which has no limitations and everything you need and would want included through our Healthy Smiles Plan yearly membership - or - endless dental procedures required to manage the impact of poor oral health (and its numerous serious systemic consequences) and low quality, piecemeal care?
  3. Why would a person expect that they should pay less than 10% of an ordinary professional fee?  $47 is all one Dental Benefit Plan was willing to contribute toward a $491 procedure which  takes at least 30 minutes (there’s that “time” thing again) to complete properly.  This is a real example from a treatment plan for one of our patients this past week, and is a common type of scenario**.  What quality of a restoration would you be receiving with only that level of contribution? If a dentist accepts only $47 (an amount which does not even begin to cover the costs involved for the dentist) for this procedure how are they be able to achieve a quality restoration that lasts and serves the patient with long term success and do it in a comfortable and pleasant manner? Its not possible.
  4. How much time are you willing to spend in a dental chair and how many times would you be willing to have dental work replaced due to poor quality and continue spending your time, energy and hard earned dollars on ongoing and never ending repairs?  That does not even account for the pain, discomfort and permanent loss of tooth structure that is required to be removed each time something is redone.  And then there are those restorative treatments that were never done in the first place that should have been done to prevent the issue from getting worse (putting out fires, rather than catching the arsonist - the piecemeal vs comprehensive approach).  These together all show up as “something new always needing to be dealt with” in your experience of dentistry.
  5. How much time are you willing to give up and what else are you missing out on in life when you spend time, energy and resources in "figuring out” dental benefit plans, switching them, calling them, calling/emailing the dental practice to resolve ongoing issues that result from your plan’s lack of willingness to contribute to your health and wellbeing?  What do you really gain from all of this? Did it save an amount of money which made all of that worthwhile?  Remember Dental Benefit Plans were created to be a product that is sold to employers.  They are not an “insurance”**.  They are designed to generate profits for The Plan by avoiding costs to them (your care), and your health, quality of care, and what you need as an individual are all subordinate to that interest.

Lets use a real life and practical analogy - a car!!!

Do you see yourself, your health and your life like an a old, beat up clunker that is filled with trash, does not get washed, has paint chipping off, only gets the minimum maintenance get from point A to B, the cheapest parts for repairs, or perhaps don't replace parts when they break, resulting in unreliability, unsightliness, stinky exhaust, and poor performance?


do you see yourself as a beautiful and elegant vehicle with an elite level of engineering, which is clean, detailed, well maintained, getting premium fuel, which can be counted on, works well, gets updates and upgrades, that you feel proud of being seen in and which feels and smells amazing?

Hmmmm, what kind of car do you drive anyway and what is its condition? ….”how we do anything is how we do everything” as the old saying goes….

We all KNOW cars lose value over time.  This is where the “car” analogy fails: smiles, oral and systemic health produce value, like a wise investment.

And what would that investment be worth?

To BE continued …

Look for part 2 and 3 in the weeks to follow.

For now, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by MLK Jr: “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that.” To seek the light one must realize they are in darkness.

Don’t worry: our mission is to “transform the experience of dentistry” and we’ve got you - there is a happy ending!

To discuss further, contact our practice and we will assist you in making the RIGHT choice for YOU that saves you TIME ⏰and MONEY 💵!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

I wrote this email personally, not a 3rd party and not AI**it is important to remember that there is no “dental insurance” despite the common use of the phrase.  “Dental Benefit Plans” (the correct terminology) only contribute (not “cover” - they don't “cover” anything) toward all or part of some portions of the lowest quality of routine preventative care at any significant level. For restorative care their contribution drops significantly and is capped for the year at an amount which is probably lower than the deductible on the actual instances in your life like home or car insurance. This is discussed in other emails and we are happy to explain further if you would like.

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