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The Truth about dental veneers-They're not JUST for looks! 🔥

The Truth about dental veneers-They're not JUST for looks! 🔥

Happy Sunday!

Ok, LET’s TALK! When you hear the word “veneers” what comes up for you?

Fake, artificial, teeth drilled down to nubs, pain?

Often what I hear is a version of: “I don’t like my smile and I want to do something about it, but I definitely don’t want to do veneers!”

“Veneers” have a bit of a bad rep that is totally justified based on a lot of the work we've all seen over the years.

If this is your view, consider re-thinking it, especially as it relates to veneers with me at Inspire Smiles. Here's why:

The most common misconceptions are that:

  • we “drill” down the teeth to fit on veneers
  • once done a person appears unnatural with denture-like teeth
  • it is a completely elective and frivolous way to spend one’s money.

Let’s shine some light on this! The truth is what sets us free.

  1. “Veneer” is a technical term for a dental restoration that does not go all the way around the tooth. It is mostly over the front, sides and the edge of the front teeth. It’s best to think of it as a protective shield. On the back teeth we call these restorations “crowns” as they shape the chewing surface of the tooth and bear more functional forces. Since we bite into foods with our front teeth and chew with our back teeth, the front teeth need the edges to be strengthened. One of the ways we support the tooth, equalize biting forces and minimize strain on the muscles of the jaw and joints is to create an ideal shape and level to the edges of the front teeth. So a veneer is if often done for functional reasons, not just aesthetic, just as a root canal or filling may be required for a functional reason. “Veneer” is just the term dentists use for a porcelain or composite resin restoration on a front tooth which does not completely envelope it.
  2. When front teeth need to be restored it’s most often a rehabilitative treatment to strengthen and reinforce weakened tooth structure. The use of veneers is almost never strictly cosmetic, ie only to make a smile look better (although it does that too). It is always to rebuild missing tooth structure due to grinding, to replace failing old restorations and to create a balanced bite.  In this way, biting and chewing forces are managed to reduce muscle strain, prevent headaches, protect the jaw joints, and support neck and back alignment.
  3. Most of the time we are adding back what’s missing and not “drilling” down teeth! If we are recommending veneers, the teeth generally are already too short, small or ground off; and we are just adding back what’s already missing. The average thickness of a contact lens is 0.1mm and the average thickness of a dental veneer (protective shield for the front teeth ) is 0.3-0.8mm!
  4. Most people are afraid of a fake and flat white look.  At Inspire Smiles patients receive gorgeously layered, highly detailed custom life like restorations. We do NOT place flat while veneers.  Working with a Master Ceramist who is essentially a tooth restoration sculptor and artist is what prevents the feared generic, manufactured look. I don’t order anything from a “lab.”   We work together with our master ceramist to create beautiful, life like, commissioned art pieces for the teeth. They are all specific to each person, taking into account their ideal shape, size and aesthetic of their smile, their complexion, eye color, hair color, gender, age, ethnicity and even personality! They are carefully designed and crafted to the microscopic level to look like YOU 😊
  1. and NO ONE else!  The shading gradations and the lightness are up to you. We decide together on what best suites your personality, desires and long term goals. Building in these advanced nuances yields an experence and result you cannot get at just any office.

At Inspire Smiles, veneers are a type of a front tooth restoration that is a protective and reinforcing shield that are precisely engineered by a master ceramist to allow teeth to sustainably function in the most structurally sound way. AND yes, they DO LOOK more attractive a result of that! 😊

If you have something that you don’t like about your smile - it’s not likely to be a strictly cosmetic issue. It is usially compromised health and structural issues that create a certain type of appearance which is perceived as unattractive. Not liking the appearance is your brain alarming you that health, structure and/or function of the chewing system are compromised.

Let’s take the guess work, unnecessary confusion, and anxiety out of the equation! Contact us to schedule a FREE aesthetic with me and I can help you analyze your smile, show you what’s not working and why, and propose how it can work better. Our signature Smile Transformation Journey experience is a really enlightening and FUN! ✨🤩✨

During the visit, I take time to truly BE with you (a rare offering in today's health care system) and put in a LOT of work to personalize the experience and make it unique and relevant to YOU!

Schedule YOUR FREE Smile Transformation Consult and LET’s TALK!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

This email was writen by me, Dr Elona, personally. Not AI and not a 3rd party.

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