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White Christmas Smile or Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

White Christmas Smile or Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

I am dreaming of a white Christmas! snowflake NOT! ‍

I AM personally definitely NOT.‍‍

I grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia with months and months of cold, gloom, dread, ice, sleet, and SNOW! Dr. Curtis and I also went to undergraduate training and professional schools in Michigan - WE KNOW about snow!

Our DREAM was to move to Southern California to be in the land of warmth, sunshine, beaches, and ocean. Hence our decision to join the Navy over 23 years ago. We figured if nothing else, we would always be stationed by the water. Essentially all of the Navy bases are in beautiful areas with nice weather.  Many of you likely have some version of this story either personally or in your family.

We ARE very blessed to be here!

Well, SNOW is BEAUTIFUL in many ways! It is white, sparkly and almost magical! Did you know each snowflake has a unique configuration? It is a scientific fact! It has to do with the molecular structure of each snow crystal being slightly different as well as the complexity of the design of each actually makes each snow flake unique!

You know what else is made out of crystals and is unique and special? You guessed it! Tooth enamel: its shape, size, morphology, and appearance; and each tooth is different! How cool is that? Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body, much harder than bone. It’s also one of the hardest substances found on earth.   Authoritative sources say it is only second in hardness to DIAMONDS! On a molecular level, it is 96% to 98% hydroxyapatite, which is a scientific name for tooth crystals!

It’s like a diamond in the body.

Why are diamonds so stunning? The SPARKLE is why human beings from the beginning of time have perceived such high degree of beauty in diamonds and why we are so enchanted by them.

Another fun fact about tooth enamel, or stated another way, the crystalline shield of your teeth, is that since it’s not made of cells, like the rest of our bodies.  Therefore, it is not a subject to cell renewal process like virtually all the other parts of our bodies. This means that teeth do not spontaneously heal, and it also means they are evolved to last our whole lives and beyond.  In the rest of the body, cellular renewal is genetically controlled and eventually ends. This is mostly what ultimately leads to the body reaching the end of it’s life cycle.

In a sense, tooth enamel has transcended death!!! Unbelievable! It’s a super strong, gorgeous crystal that can go on into the far-distant future after we are gone! That is good news!!!  It’s truly AMAZING! Awe inspiring!  This is how teeth are naturally evolved to be. When they aren’t, something is awry, like acidity, unbalanced forces, grinding, or lack of professional care.

Since we are not likely to have actual snow for Christmas, we can still enjoy a glorious white Christmas through our unique and special smiles!!!

How do we get the “diamonds” in our mouths to SPARKLE like the most dazzling SNOW AND have a truly White Christmas?

The same way you would get your diamond piece of jewelry to SHINE! sparkles. How do you get RESULTS in life? You make a decision, schedule it, and engage professionals. Do you want to wash your own car or get it detailed? Do you want to scrub your jewelry and damage it or take it to a jeweler and have them meticulously restore it to original beauty? Do you want to work and be tired or relax and be pampered and loved?

Just like anything else in life, you CHOOSE!

Choose to enjoy a White Christmas - give yourself a gift of well-being, love and beauty, and choose it for those whom you care about.

How would you do that?

Here are Holidays Specials for yourself or gifts for those you love:

We look forward to celebrating the Holiday Season with you!

Rihanna IS right !!! “SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!!!"

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona heart

I personally wrote this email; not a 3rd party and not AI

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