A New Rolls Royce and Tesla-Like Experience All In One!
A New Rolls Royce and Tesla-Like Experience All In One!
August 10, 2020

The luxurious and delightful feeling of an uncommon European-designed experience combined with the best science, technology, and quality results in a transformed hygiene experience.

It is faster, comfortable, and gets your teeth and mouth cleaner, even under the gums, with less touching. A cleaner mouth, with bacterial biofilm removed, means you look better and your overall health, which is impacted by your oral health and cleanliness, is bolstered.

Chelsea and Dr Elona Gaball cannot wait to give you the experience they both love for themselves: A Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment with the Airflow Prophylaxis Master.

Very few San Diego Dental offices offer this treatment due to the equipment cost. However, Dr Elona Gaball, Chelsea, and the rest of the Inspire Smiles Team are committed to the best possible treatment and experience for you.

We are safely and fully open! Reserve a time to benefit from this technology and share the news with your family and friends!

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