Good News: Botox Sale Today and A Surprising Way to Stay Well
Good News: Botox Sale Today and A Surprising Way to Stay Well
February 15, 2021

Good news and more good news:

Flash Sale today only: Botox offered at $6.50/unit after you receive 30 units at normal price. Your eyes and forehead are the visual focus of your mask-covered face. Make them bright, brilliant, and beautiful!

We can actually do something about our COVID related risk! People with periodontal disease were found to have a 900% increased risk of death from COVID-19! Having active periodontal disease significantly weakens our immune systems. The immune system is our body’s mechanism for self defense.

Therefore, take a stand for your health and reserve your preventative appointment which includes periodontal treatment. The ideal interval for preventative care appointments is every 10-12weeks. That is how long it takes for the bacteria below the gum line to enter the bloodstream and to start causing systemic inflammation.

We have the only technology on the market, the AirFlow Master, that is scientifically proven to remove biofilm, which is the bacterial matrix that causes disease. We use it for all periodontal disease treatments, periodontal maintenance and preventative care appointments.

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