Is your mouth kissable?
Is your mouth kissable?
April 28, 2021

Is your mouth kissable?

Consider that attraction occurs at both the conscious and subconscious levels. It is very well known to experts what features make female and male mouths attractive.

Symmetry is shown to be more attractive. It is theorized that this is because asymmetry is associated with contagious disease, trauma, and developmental or genetic abnormalities making it unappealing for potential mates on a deeper evolutionary level. Teeth, lips and faces are often noticeably asymmetric.

Lip volume is a secondary sexual characteristic. We deflate as we age, or maybe we never had the volume or shape of lips that we wanted to begin with. Well-shaped lips of appropriate volume to, and in harmony with, our age, face and race (ie, a natural appearance), communicate health and youth, which is attractive.

Color of teeth: teeth darken with age. Teeth which are not white are psychologically associated with poor health, bad odor, and senility; whereas whiter teeth, as long as the level of whiteness is within a natural or “physiologic” range, tell the opposite story.

Size, shape, and position of teeth: being “long in the tooth” which is associated with gum retraction due to advanced age and poor health, is NOT kissable. Likewise, teeth that are too small from wear or developmental issues are unattractive. Malpositioned teeth not only can cause pain and infection but they are asymmetric and frequently support the lips and/or jaw in an unattractive position.

Odor - no explanation needed!

Skin: lines and wrinkles around the mouth give the appearance of wasting away.

What you DO with your mouth: smiling is attractive! It has been shown that the perceiver will attribute positive personality traits, like confidence, trustworthiness and friendliness to those who smile. 69% say a nice smile is in the top 3 most attractive attributes a person can have. Many people don’t like to smile because they are self-conscious of their mouths, For some, when they do smile, unattractive features are exposed.

Ultimately, attractiveness naturally arises from optimal health and function as well as a good heart.

Dr. Elona (advanced restorative and aesthetic dentist) and Dr. Curtis (Facial Plastic Surgeon/Otolaryngologist) are experts in what makes the female and male mouth attractive and can get your smile there comprehensively resulting in a natural, healthy and youthful presentation which more closely corresponds to how you want to feel.

Come in for:

-a FREE aesthetic smile/facial consultation and tell the doctors that YOU WANT TO BE KISSED!

-your preventative wellness (hygiene/"cleaning") appointment and ask for a free aesthetic evaluation.

-to get Botox at only $6.50/unit after the first 25 units at $11/unit.

To get a kiss you have to BE kissable, and a kissable mouth IS accessible to you! Align with evolution: do a sexy smile revolution!

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