OMG - My forehead is looking wrinkly!
OMG - My forehead is looking wrinkly!
June 11, 2020

Notice some unwanted forehead wrinkles while staring at yourself on Zoom calls or passing by your reflection? Does your masked face seem to direct attention straight to them?

Get reconnected with your fiends and do something about it that’s fun, together!

The Amazing Deal: Bring in TWO or more friends for Botox (who are NOT currently patients of Inspire Smiles), and you get Botox for $8/UNIT, they get Botox for $10/UNIT (normal price $11/unit).

**Offer lasts until the end of June

Treatment will be performed by a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with 18 years of experience who wants you to look amazing for summer!

All treatment is performed in accordance with current guidelines and appointments will be appropriately spaced. Call us to schedule! (858) 876-9100

Questions on Botox?

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