So inspiring...
So inspiring...
May 30, 2021

"Survival is your strength, not your shame." -Jaycee Dugard

It's Dr. Elona Gaball, again.

My husband, Dr. Curtis Gaball, and I wanted to tell you about the Alabaster Jar Project:

San Diego is the 8th largest US city with a trafficking problem, and resources for survivors are fairly scarce.

So Susan Johnson, Nate Alcorn and Kyle Moss incorporated the Alabaster Jar Project with the mission to help every survivor they can.

Their mission is to provide housing for women who have survived human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The project had its start as a ministry of The Church at Rancho Berndardo.

Now it's made up of the Grace House for long-term residents, a Resource Center for much needed commodities, and a Peer Support Group.

The Alabaster Jar Project is entirely funded by private donations!

Not only that, they keep their administrative costs below 20% of their budget so that the vast majority of their resources go directly to serving and uplifting survivors.

One of the things we find so inspiring about them is that 50% of their staff are survivors themselves.

We hope you can see why our hearts are on fire for these amazing people.

This is the reason that we are passionate about raising funds for survivors.

10% of all elective and aesthetic service fees are set aside to fund the life-changing smile reconstructions that we donate to survivors of trafficking.

Helping survivors re-take the smiles that were stolen from them is an incredibly important step in their healing journey.

All of us here at Inspire Smiles want YOU to help us do that.

That's why we're giving you a 10% discount on elective, aesthetic and Invisalign services.

We want you to save hundreds of dollars, and help raise money for a very deserving cause at the same time.

We've extended the deadline for this event to 6/4/2021.

If you've been thinking about getting any of the above services lately, call our office now and schedule an appointment before we fill up.

We're all looking forward to serving you and inspiring your smile (forgive the pun)!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Elona Gaball and Inspire Smiles Team

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