Urgent Notice
Urgent Notice
April 29, 2020

Good Day Friends and Family!

We are happy to announce we will be RESUMING SERVICES May 1, 2020. We know you will have questions, expect another email with more detailed information on how we will be resuming services to take care of you and how we intend to keep you and our team safe. IF YOU HAD TIME RESERVED IN MAY-we will be reaching out by phone to check in on you and confirm you are comfortable coming in and that the day/time still works with your schedule.

It would be very much appreciated if you could respond to this email with answers to 3 questions so that we can best serve you and create an amazing experience:

1- What would be of most value to you as our guest?

(Examples: Additional services, products, communication, more or additional clinical information, etc.)

2- How can we serve you best?

(Examples: Appointment day/time availability, bring services to you, telehealth consult/exams, online product store, etc.)

3- Have you noticed any errors in communication or anything we could improve.

(Example: website, weave communication system, phone etiquette)

Thank you for your patience as we work to serve you with the highest quality of care!

Your Inspire Smiles Team

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