We know what you want more than anything!
We know what you want more than anything!
October 23, 2020

We are all social creatures. Therefore it is very important to be in connection with others. Without quality connections in our lives, we feel lonely, invisible, eventually depressed.

Lacking connections can severely impact our professional lives too since careers area all about relationships fundamentally.

How can you get more connected?

Research has shown that:

-Your smiling self is more attractive than your non-smiling self

-Smiling is a universal way of non-verbally connecting with others

-An authentic smile makes you seem more trustworthy to others

-Smiling makes yourself and others feel more comfortable.

-Smiling activates our reward centers in our brains.

-Smiling with teeth showing was found to be more appealing than smiling with no teeth exposed.

We aren’t telling you something you don’t already know: your face and mouth are central to connection, which is central to your personal fulfillment in life. It is so important to have a regularly used, confidently expressed, authentic smile.

We at Inspire Smiles are the smile subject matter experts. With Dr Elona Gaball’s expertise in advanced esthetics and restorative treatment, Dr Curtis Gaball’s expertise as a facial plastic surgeon, and Chelsea here to maintain your fresh mouth, we’ve got you!

Come in and get connected!

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