We remain fully open and here to serve you
We remain fully open and here to serve you
July 16, 2020

Dr. Elona Gaball and the Inspire Smiles Team are open and here to serve you. Recent closures do not affect Dental offices which are considered essential healthcare service providers (see https://www.cda.org/Home/News-and-Events/Newsroom/Article-Details/latest-covid-19-closure-order-does-not-impact-dental-practices).

Healthcare authorities recognize that restoring or maintaining optimal oral health is a critical aspect of overall health.

Please contact us with any needs you may have and to schedule your preventative care appointments, which are all the more important during this time.

Most of our patients have unutilized insurance benefits for 2 to 4 preventative appointments per year. If these are not utilized, they will not roll over into the new year and the opportunity will be lost. Therefore, we recommend calling to reserve your times for these treatments now.

If you have any questions about the safety processes in place at Inspire Smiles please see our website or you call/text Dr. Elona Gaball directly at (858) 925-3142.

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