Why Choose Composite Fillings?
Why Choose Composite Fillings?
March 17, 2022

Ignoring your cavities won’t stop them from growing in size and affecting other teeth. Since they don’t magically go away on their own, don’t wait until the tooth decay widens and deepens before you ask your dentist about composite fillings in Solana.  

Dental composite resins are tooth-colored restorative materials used by dentists to replace a decayed or damaged portion of a tooth. Due to their aesthetic appearance, composite resins have an advantage over conventional dental amalgam.  

Alternatively, dental amalgam is made of mercury, copper, zinc, tin, and silver. Some dentists use it as a restorative material for treating cavities due to tooth decay.

Woman Demonstrating What Composite Fillings Look Like in Solana

Key Benefits of Choosing Composite Fillings 

They Blend in With Your Natural Smile 

One of the best things about choosing composite resin to fill cavities is that they look and feel natural. Since they have the same color as your teeth, they don’t flash a metal filling whenever you talk or laugh. As a result, most patients choose them over amalgams because composite fillings provide a seamless blend within your natural smile. 

You Won’t Have Mercury and Metals in Your Mouth 

Did you know that amalgam fillings contain mercury? When these dental fillings crack, they release or leak out mercury vapor that may negatively affect the patient’s overall health. Although an extensive debate is ongoing among scientists, most patients are still wary about the effects of having metal in their mouths. 

They Preserve Healthy Tooth Structure 

Since composite dental fillings bond directly to the surface of your natural teeth at a microscopic level, they require less tooth reduction and drilling. In other words, your teeth will have more security and stability than if they’d been filled with another dental filling material because composite fillings preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. What’s more, the filling protects the remaining tooth structure by preventing chips and cracks. 

Composite Resin Hardens Easily 

As much as you love going to the dentist, the idea of spending endless hours in the dental chair doesn’t sound very appealing. Choosing composite dental fillings makes it easy for your dentist to work as efficiently as possible because the material hardens quickly. For this reason, your dental care provider can complete the process of installing composite fillings in just a short while. 

They’re Not Only for Cavities 

If you think that composite resin material is only suitable for fixing cavities, think again. Dentists also use it to perform a non-invasive procedure called composite bonding to treat dental imperfections such as gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, dental discoloration, and even chipped teeth.  

First, the dentist uses phosphorus acid to roughen the tooth's outer surfaces. This process prepares the damaged tooth for the resin and makes it easier for the material to create a strong bond with the treated tooth. Besides repairing the tooth restoring its dental function, this treatment also restores its aesthetic appearance. 

Composite Fillings in Solana

Do You Want to Know More About Composite Fillings in Solana? 

The team of dental professionals at Inspire Smiles is here to help you make your smile last a lifetime. Since we understand that optimal oral health is the place where total wellness begins, we’ve been committed to transforming the experience of dentistry for over two decades. If you’re ready to receive the highest level of comprehensive and individualized care in a relaxing environment, make an appointment with us today. 


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