A night guard is not the solution to TMJ pain.

Even if you have faithfully worn a night guard for years it’s highly likely that you still struggle with the physical and emotional effects of occlusal disease and TMD.

  • TMJ Pain
  • Headaches
  • Facial Pain
  • Clenching and Grinding
  • Broken or worn teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Most dentists simply prescribe night guards when their patients report these symptoms. Occlusion and TMJ dysfunction is complex and often beyond the scope of even the most experienced general dentists in the industry.

Only about 4% of dentists know how to properly treat tmj pain which is why your symptoms are not improving with a night guard.

I invested in advancing my education to understand how to help more people heal from this traumatic condition. I know exactly what it feels like to suffer with TMD.


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Someone Who Understands

TMD sends waves of ripple effect symptoms throughout the entire body which can deeply impact other areas, including mental health. It’s not all in your head!

The truth is:

I personally struggled with TMJ pain for over a decade


The key to healing the traumatic effects of TMD is to determine the source of the dysfunction and treating the underlying cause.

The TMJ consultation and Advanced Occlusal Analysis is how I collect the measurements and data to build a 3D Blueprint– an individualized pathway of therapies to get you out of pain and back to TMJ wellness.

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What I got was education, hope and a plan of action.


Feeling heard, seen and understood has been such a relief.


I already have improvment with my TMJ and the aesthetics of my smile.

Blue print

Advanced Occlusal Analysis is a signature SPEAR Education diagnostic process to precisely identify physics based solutions to Occlusal Disease and Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorders (TMD).

It is a 2-hour series of precision diagnostic tests that allow me to determine the cause of your pain and diagnose a sequence of holistic and functional relief therapies called a 3D Blueprint.

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60 Minute TMJ Consultation is the first step with Dr. Elona to discuss your specific symptoms and strategize next steps to take for TMJ pain relief.



120 minute 3D Blueprint Exam is the next step for some TMD and occlusion cases that are complex and require advanced diagnostics to determine care.



60 Minute 3D Blueprint Analysis Findings Review is included with the 3D Blueprint. This is where we discuss findings for advanced cases.


I am an expert with occlusion and facial biomechanics. I clearly identify breakdown and restore balance and harmony to even the most challenging patient cases.

6 Weeks Physical Medicine Protocol for Treating TMD


I am here when you are ready.

I am passionate about helping those struggling. When you are ready, I am here to be the resource to clearly identify your problem and provide a solution that works for YOU.

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