If you want everything in life given to you, then this is not for you.

This is for courageous entrepreneuers who are ready to reach higher performance and produce extraordinary results. This is for warriors in pursuit of purpose driven lives.

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This Program Will Transform Your Life.

This is an emotionally engaging 12-week roadmap to success. Each 60-minute session will inspire your integrity, commitment and accountability leading to deep insights and major breakthroughs.

Our one-on-one sessions will train you with tools and techniques, a true pathway for progress that provides clarity with every session and advances you in life no matter your goal.


First conquer your mind. Identify obstacles and clarify your vision for the future using strategy and consistency to reach your goals.


Your body is a powerful temple.  Master your mind, emotions and physical health to generate and sustain heightened levels of energy.


Dig deep into your motivation and purpose. Raise the bar and tap into the emotional grit that drives your performance.


Optimize your efficiency by developing powerful habits. Learn how to perform at a higher level in every important area of life.


Take control of your presence. Leverage greater influence in your world so people will believe you, buy from you and invest in you.


Great leaders demonstrate courage, even in the face of fear. Massive action is what sets peak performers apart on the path to victory.

The secret to high performance and empowered relationships?

Discover your purpose and align your actions with it.

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Dr. Gaball

The Power Of  A Great Coach

Advanced Aesthetic Dentist | Nonprofit Founder | Certified High Performance Coach

I am Doctor Elona Gaball! I arrived to the United States alone as an immigrant at the age of 15 and I have overcome remarkable hurdles on my road to success. I have invested a great deal of time and money into personal growth and development. It has taken years to amass the experience and skills I have learned and I now offer a proven certified life mastery program to share this valuable roadmap with you.

I have been practicing dentistry since 2000. I am the founder of Inspire Smiles, an advanced reconstructive and aesthetic dental practice in the seaside community of Solana Beach, California.

Inspire Smiles

I founded Inspire Changes, a compassionate nonprofit organization that provides FREE dental care for San Diego survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

Inspire Changes

My relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation for all that I do in my life. My goal is to empower other entrepreneurs to fulfill their divine purpose in alignment with God’s will.

Inspire Lives


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