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A Week of Celebrations and Evolution

A Week of Celebrations and Evolution

Happy Sunday!

I pray you had a beautiful and blessed week!😇

We definitely DID! ✨❤️✨

Friday, March 8th was an International Women’s Day ! 🙌🏻  This week, we acknowledged the women in our lives and spent time in relationship with one another. I brought beautiful spring bouquets 💐for all of the ladies with whom I get a pleasure to work.  I hope you had the rewarding experience of celebrating this day as well.

We also adopted two new ladies into our care who are survivors of trafficking. One of them had a baby boy only a few months old. 👶🏻 It was a true honor and a privilege to care for them and to get to see a baby, who reminded me of times past (my once baby daughters are young women now).

International Women’s Day has historically been celebrated and recognized less so in the United States that in many other countries. It it an opportunity to show love and acknowledge the value women have in our lives; and I can tell you that women find the recognition meaningful.  If you did not know about this holiday, I invite you to mark it in your calendar for next year and celebrate and acknowledge the women in your life with something special and meaningful to them.

We have some updates and news to share. In our commitment to CANI (“Constant and Never Ending Improvement and Innovation”) as well as our stand to Transform The Experience of Dentistry, we have made significant efforts and invested resources in elevating our team to the highest possible level.

  1. We have a new Treatment Coordinator!  Her name is Leslie and she is your client concierge. She is responsible for making reservations, discussing non-clinical aspects of care and assuring your patient experience is truly ELITE. Expect to hear her joyful, uplifting and professional voice when you contact the practice. ✅
  2. We have a new dental assistant! Her name is Veronica.  She is an RDAEF2, which stands for Registered Dental Assistant Expanded Functions Level 2. When there are a so many letters after someone’s name, you KNOW they are IMPORTANT! 😊  This level of training and certification has it’s own license.  It is the highest level a dental assistant can achieve and in San Diego is a rare level of accomplishment.  This means that she is trained and licensed in an expanded range of capabilities that far exceed any other level of dental assistant. ✅
  3. We have brought in a very highly trained, skilled and experienced periodontist, Dr. Steven Hutton, to join me in providing the most comprehensive and highest level care all in the same familiar and comfortable location you are already used to. He served in the US Navy for over 20 years and brings an unparalleled level of expert service to you with proven outstanding results. Importantly, you will love his calm relational manner and gentleness.  We are updating our website and his full bio with all of his experience and expertise will be available very soon. ✅

I'm deeply grateful to all of you and thrilled by the positive feedback on my weekly emails over the past year.

My intention for those was to SHARE myself and connect on a deeper, more human level and truly build a community with you. Inside of that intention, I made a personal commitment to produce 52 high quality pieces of writing via email communication with you that would leave many moved, touched and inspired. As a Certified High Performance Coach integrity and living in alignment with what I give my word to is something I take very seriously and PRACTICE myself, not just teach others. We wound up exceeding that number and I hope the messages had the intended effect on you and your lives.

We also believe that anything and all things in life are possible and available through COMMUNICATION. I practice according to my belief that valuable communication comes from a place of love, gratitude and true service. I truly hope you have received value from my sharing of my personal life experiences, the lesson I have learned, our practice, who we are, what we stand for, clinical education that will support your health and wellbeing for years to come, and inspiration to contribute to others from our work with survivors of trafficking and others in need.

For me, the weekly emails are a gift; one way I wanted to give my time and energy to serve you and build a connected and authentic relationship with you. They have been an investment sometimes taking many hours to create. If you have missed any - they are kept on our website under Blog/Newsletter.

Moving into 2024 with full speed and UNWAVERING commitment to being up to A LOT, we are shifting our focus onto other projects. We will MOST definitely share about them - THEY ARE SUPER EXCITING! 🔥 Therefore, we will changing the volume and frequency of our communication through the email newsletter to 1 per month. Expect it on first Sunday of each month.

We still love to be in frequent connection and communication with you.  The BEST way to stay connected and keep up with all of the amazing content you have been receiving is through our Instagram and Facebook - @inspiresmilessd. We post every day! That is where you can follow us in real time, learn about our practice, technology, see before and afters of transformed smiles, hear patient testimonials and learn from our educational videos, as well as be a part of our contribution work and my personal Certified High Performance Coaching insights and lessons.

We look forward to staying in an even closer and more real time communication through Social Media.

May your week BE greatly blessed. SHINE BRIGHT and BE the Change YOU want to SEE in the WORLD. ✨🙏🏻✨

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

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