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Truth About Misaligned Teeth & A Valentines Day Special: $1000 Off Invisalign!

We are starting a series on misaligned teeth!

Every week at our practice we get requests about straightening teeth. There are multiple ways we can achieve that. We also hear: “I don’t care about my crooked teeth, they’ve been like this all of my life and no one notices them anyway!”

The Most common misconceptions:

1. Misaligned teeth do not affect oral health.

2. Misaligned teeth are not related to systemic health.

3. Misaligned teeth are not noticed by others.

4. Misaligned teeth correction is only for cosmetic purposes.

5. Misaligned teeth don’t require treatment.

Here is the truth:

1. Misaligned teeth predispose people to ongoing dental problems.

2. Misaligned teeth harbor harmful and smelly bacteria, which results in systemic bacteremia (bacteria in the blood stream).

3. When we smile people notice our upper front teeth, but when we talk people notice our lower teeth.  You didn’t realize this because you probably don’t talk to yourself in the mirror.  Next time you are having a conversation with someone, notice which teeth are most apparent.

4. Tooth alignment maintains a person’s airway, is key for structural integrity, and necessary for proper function.   The aesthetic appeal of aligned teeth arises naturally from the “survival advantage” they impart.

5. Misaligned teeth negatively affect the muscles of chewing, bite force distribution, and neck muscles; and predispose people to headaches, neck and jaw pain, back pain and TMJ disorder.

In this series, I will be going into detail in each of these areas in subsequent emails - DO NOT miss them!

The next one will be on Sunday. It will be about the connection between misaligned teeth and oral health.

There are many ways to correct misalignment.  I can tell you which method is best for you!  

For the Day of LOVE ❤️, Valentine’s Day, we are offering an Invisalign $1,000 off special! Call before February 14th to receive it.

(Invisalign is a translucent alternative to metal braces to correct misalignment)

Make your reservation TODAY to see if Invisalign is the right choice to correct your misaligned teeth!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

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