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Happy Valentines Day week! May this week be truly filled with LOVE ❤️!

On Saturday we had the most beautiful experience recording Smile Transformation Testimonials and taking professional photos of some of our most inspiring clients. ✨❤️✨

Some of you were invited to that and we really appreciate all the beautiful words and even TEARS! Tears of joy, gratitude and beautiful sharing of your TRANSFORMATIONS! My heart is truly FULL! 🥲

One couple I want to acknowledge and express my deepest gratitude to is Mary and Jack! They are some of the MOST IN-LOVE and romantic individuals we have ever met! 😘 They met recently, and are in their 70s!!! 😉

It’s NEVER too late to find true and unconditional love! ❤️❤️❤️They both have completed smile rehabilitation and are filled with youthfulness, vitality and JOY that radiates from inside out and illumines the world around them.

Mary was first and when (her somewhat new partner at the time) Jack noticed how much improving the health, function and beauty of her smile changed her life, he decided to give this same gift to himself. ❤️🩹🎁❤️🩹

And we were thrilled to learn this amazing news: they are getting married! May they truly be blessed and have the most amazing marriage for a lifetime. 💒

As we completed filming their testimonials, they offered the most beautiful words of gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Curtis and I and even made a significant monetary contribution to Inspire Changes, the nonprofit whose mission is to raise awareness about human trafficking in San Diego and provide smile rehabilitation to survivors.

We will be posting this new content soon where all of our special photos, video testimonials and other enriching and engaging content is located - on our FB and IG profiles. So please follow us!  @inspiresmilessd - it’s very inspiring. ✨

Because it is so impactful and transformative, smile rehabilitation often even creates a change within someone that is greater than an attractive healthy mouth - it births an inspiration to offer that gift to others.

Consider others in your life or even people you see around as you go through your days, who would benefit from a smile transformation and please send them our way!  We exist to help people with these issues and we love doing it! By referring them you make a difference in their lives and ours!

What is a “smile transformation” and who would benefit from one you ask?  It is a comprehensive solution to any combination to the following: unattractive or unhealthy mouth, pain in the mouth or jaw, seemingly unending dental problems, gum inflammation or bleeding, misaligned chipped or stained teeth. Basically a mouth you don't like for some reason!  Only dentists with very advanced training are equipped to analyze and present a comprehensive long lasting functionally and aesthetically optimal solution. With comprehensive smile rehabilitation we catch the arsonist rather than just putting out fires!

All SMILE TRANSFORMATION consults are FREE and can be conducted virtually if you have friends and family outside this area that you believe would be a great fit for our practice and the level of care I provide.  We have multiple clients flying in to see us from other areas of the US and are experienced with coordinating and delivering amazing results for those traveling to see us.

Long distance clients have become common enough that we are creating a custom Destination Smile Transformation Experience.  We are working with local partners such as accommodations, spas and restaurants to build truly beautiful So Cal packages.

If you don’t absolutely LOVE your smile - let me know and I can help you see what’s possible. Who KNOWS you may even find your true love and a life partner - no matter your age!😊 If you LOVE your smile and do’t want to change anything - SMILE and let your light shine!✨

Schedule your SMILE TRANSFORMATION or refer another who may forever be grateful to you for BEING LOVE-IN-ACTION by forwarding this email to them.

If you have a reservation at our practice on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, you will receive a special gift, with love, from my heart to yours!🎁On this Valentines Day we celebrate love - true, perfect and unconditional love. ❤️ May your day BE truly BLESSED!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

I personally created this email. Not AI and not a 3rd party.

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