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Calling ALL MEN and their loved ones!

Calling ALL MEN and their loved ones!

Calling ALL MEN and/or their loved ones! 🚨‼️🚨

If you are a man, or know one whom you care about, this is worth reading!‼️

Did you know pathogens found in dental plaque are linked by multiple studies to:

  1. Erectile dysfunction 😱
  2. Inability for a female to conceive 😳
  3. Low birth weight babies 😲
  4. Reduced physical performance as in the gym, athletics or any physical activity 🤨
  5. Memory and concentration issues 😧

Modern science has correlated these phenomena, with plenty of evidence for causality in multiple studies and has provided data linking oral and systemic health for decades.

Why dont more people know about this?

A big reason they don't is money.  Dental benefit plans (often incorrectly referred to as “dental insurance” plans) do not align the services for which they provide reduced fees to beneficiaries (ie, patients) with what is known scientifically to most effectively treat these issues.  Examples include insufficient hygiene frequency coverage; lack of coverage for fluoride, laser (which kills bacteria and creates a healthier environment for the bone and teeth), diagnostic modalities, or sufficient numbers of restorations when they are needed, to name a few.   Because the plans don’t cover what is needed, patients often feel confused about that treatments are appropriate and even unwilling to discuss needed treatmetns outside of what their plans cover.

If you missed my email on what constitutes one’s experience of life, you can read it in the newsletter tab on our website by clicking the link below.

For those who read that email, here is a question to consider:

How do you want to experience the physical aspect of your being and how do you want others to experience it?

What implication(s) have any of the above five facts listed above had on your life and on the lives of those you care about?

“What’s the solution?” you may ask.

  1. Make your preventive care reservation with Aubrey, our highly trained and educated dental hygienist and myofunctional therapist - she will gladly educate on you on the extend to which pathogenic oral bioflora are present and may be effecting you.
  2. If you have active periodontal disease that has been diagnosed and have not treated it, make your reservation to treat it - IMMEDIATELY!!!
  3. If you have misaligned teeth, weak teeth, and/or bite problems (occlusal disease) - consider smile rehabilitation. See facts below.

Did you know that smile 😃 rehabilitation is actually one the healthiest thing you could do for your mouth 👄 and your body?

3 fun facts about porcelain restorations you may not know:

1. Glazed porcelain is bacteriostatic - it does not allow harmful bacteria 🦠 to accumulate!  Bacteria cannot live on porcelain, it needs organic substrate to feed on. ✅

2. Glazed porcelain provides a shield of protection over sensitive surfaces of the teeth 🦷- on areas of bone loss and recession it serves as artificial enamel. It’s like getting whole new enamel if you have lost it or have inherited a weaker type. ✅

3. Glazed porcelain fills in spaces between the teeth 🦷 so food does not get stuck there and hardened calcified bacterial colonies (calculus/tartar) cannot form.

The photos above 👆 are a perfect example.

This man is 80 yrs old.  After approrate treatment, he not only looks at least 15yrs younger, he feels 15+ yrs younger and this care may extend his life due to bacteria from the mouth no longer entering his systemic blood stream and weakening his immune system, blocking his blood vessels, stressing his heart ❤️ which could end up shortening his life!!! He will undoubtedly also enjoy some other benefits of being more youthful and vital! 😊

Do you want to look and feel younger, be more vibrant and enjoy vitality and wellbeing?

If you answered “yes”- smile rehabilitation is one of the best gifts 🎁 you can give yourself!

Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others!  That's how you and others will experience the BEST version of you!

Schedule your FREE smile consultation TODAY.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

I personally wrote this email, not AI and not a 3rd party.

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