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Choose PEACE NOT piecemeal!

Choose PEACE NOT piecemeal!

Happy Sunday!

Continuing on with CHOOSING!

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Here are some questions to consider :

Do you enjoy being stuck in an endless vicious cycle of trying to navigate the healthcare system, bouncing between different specialists, confused about the information you are given and not sure if you will ever find the answers you seek?

Do you want to be heard, have all of your concerns acknowledged and taken into consideration and responded to in a professional, timely and complete manner?

Do you want to have certainty about a plan of action which will solve the issues you are experiencing?

If you have answered “yes” then what you desire, and our practice philosophy, are aligned! We are a good fit for each other, and I know we can help you.


Because approaching your oral health, your dental, and smile needs in a typical consumer type of approach will not work for you. By “consumer approach” I mean that a person figures out what they think they need or want themselves.  Often people not only diagnose themselves but also determine the best treatment for that diagnosis.  Then they search around in the universe of advertisements until they believe they find it, and go to the place that offers that product or service.   Consumers pick and choose what they want and don’t want, and self assess validity and value of services evaluating them in a commodity type of approach, looking for the lowest price.  

This approach works when shopping for pots and pans, however if you pursue that approach with your oral health, you will be more confused than you were before you sought care, spend unnecessary time and money, probably receive procedures you didn’t need, and end up without any clear or permanent resolution to your problems and concerns. In addition any product or service was likely not carefully considered in the greater context of the upper aerodigestive and stomatognathic systems, so results end up  “pieced together” in a way that may not work well for the overall system.  We see this a lot!

Yes, you know your body well, you’re smart and educated, and you have your own unique preferences; but you’re not an expert in this high stakes area. If you want quality and value, the only effective method is to entrust you care to an expert.  For peace of mind, certainty and great lasting results the best thing to do is to allow me, a comprehensive dentist to be at the center of your care and assist you in formulating the best comprehensive plan as well as manage all of your care for you.  That way you can return your time, attention and mental energy to things you’d rather be dealing with.

Once we have a mutually agreed upon plan, I will direct you to any necessary specialists who are aligned with the comprehensive, complete health, individualized manner of delivering care.  Ours is the Wellness model which is directed towards full resolution of signs and symptoms of disease.

Don’t all doctors do that? Absolutely NOT! You already know this to be true because you have no-doubt experienced it!  Does this sound familiar:  The healthcare in the US as is currently practiced is based on the disease management model NOT health and wellness creation. It is also very disjoined.  There is no one provider taking full responsibility for the patient and managing and supervising their care.  Most treatment is based on what health care plans would contribute toward, NOT what the best or even actual solution is, nor what the patients actually wants and needs.

In dentistry in the majority of practices it’s no different. Most dental practices operate on a disease management, tooth by tooth, dental benefit contribution dependent model. That is why we hear pretty much the same story from most of our new patients. Most people don’t know why they have gum disease, they don’t know why they have “cavities”, why they have headaches, jaw pain and why they received the treatment they did. They also don't know why they keep having progressive dental issues, or keep getting restorations that don't last long.  

Doesn’t that sound a bit disheartening ? Do we all just resign to the fact that we can’t solve our problems, that disease is inevitable and that going to the dentist is unpleasant and confusing ? Or do we want to CHOOSE a better way?

A better way is to allow me to do a complete, health based evaluation that includes time allocated for you to share all that is important to you, take all necessary records, a complete set of photographs, analyze all of the information and invite you back for a personalized treatment blue print presentation that will provide answers and propose a complete solution.

If you have been a patient of our practice for some time and have comprehensive needs, you have already experienced this transformational way of delivering care. If you have not, then please contact us and request a consultation.

I believe in it SO much, that we actually offer the initial consultation and in most cases the blue print presentation of treatment as a gift! It’s FREE and provides tremendous value. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment.  Our main intention is to give people an opportunity to CHOOSE how they want to be treated, what’s best for them and to have all of the information made available and clearly explained.

As we approach the Day of Gratitude and The Season of Giving, invite your friends and family to experience something better, as well - offer them this amazing opportunity.

CHOOSE to be cared for, loved snd treated with respect and value you want and deserve.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona 🧡

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