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Certified High Performance Coaching with Dr. Elona ❤️🔥❤️

Did you know that I (Dr Elona) am more than an advanced dentist and non-profit founder?

With spring in the air, in the spirit of Easter with all things being renewed - let’s FOCUS on US! Let's look within the ONE person in our lives who REALLY needs to show up and BE their best in order to make a difference - OURSELVES! Let’s go beyond physical!

You all know me as an advanced rehabilitative and aesthetic dentist who focuses on cosmetic, TMJ disorders and airway related mouth problems with a holistic, complete health & wellness approach. I have also shared about our non-profit organization that I created to support smile rehabilitation of human trafficking survivors in San Diego, Inspire Changes.

There is MORE! Another way I am committed to serving others and bringing value to their lives is through Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC) through a service line we call Inspire Lives. I do this work becuause I love it! For me there is nothing as rewarding as connecting with, and coming along side a person to bring their life to the next level!

CHPC the most successful and predicable, research based life coaching program in the industry. It promises to give access to being a high performer in the areas of life most important to the client.

My certification and training are (among others) through High Performance Academy which has over 20 years of experience with over 100, 000 coaching sessions conducted and a client satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10.  This far supersedes the industry average of 7.4.

The CHPC program is comprised of 4 levels : Core of High Performance, Charge, Declaration and Leadership.  Core is our foundational framework within which we focus on 5 pillars of high performance: Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Courage and Influence.

CHPC is for anyone seeking to increase their levels of performance in areas of life important to them, experiencing greater success in personal and professional endeavors, a greater sense of fulfillment and contribution, enhanced relationships, and/or improved health. We can go to work on any area of life you feel is important, within which you want to achieve high(er) performance.

To learn more go to : or click the button below.

Schedule a Fit Call with me to see if you are the right fit for the CHPC and what higher levels of performance in all areas of life important to you could make available.

I Look forward to connecting! 📲

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

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