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Creating More Personal Freedom

Creating More Personal Freedom

What do you need to get free from?

Happy July! A gorgeous summer is in full bloom in San Diego!

July is most associated with fun travel, time off and the 4th of July - the day of celebrating FREEDOM!

We have been in a conversation about this theme for a while and I’d like to continue it!

Consider that we can each gain freedom by “being at choice” about who we choose to be and how we choose to interpret circumstances of our lives. This type of freedom we can generate for ourselves!

In another way of looking at freedom, I ask: is someone making a FREE choice if they are not told about everything that is wrong with their mouth when they are presented with a treatment plan? Are they really free if they are only told about, offered, and given treatment for small part of a larger, active, worsening problem? I think most would agree not.

And I am disheartened because it happens all of the time in the dental world!

As a very personal example, this happened to someone I deeply love, respect and care about who thought she was investing in keeping her smile as healthy, strong and as attractive as possible for over 40 yrs at other offices. But, the work was done:

1. In a technically poor manner

2. Failing to take interrelated issues into consideration (no comprehensive plan)

3. In a piecemeal manner by multiple providers.

As a result she not only had to go through a surgery to remove a tooth because it was incorrectly restored, but actually needs her whole bite rebuilt - all teeth restored with crowns and implants. Many of her current issues are either “iatrogenic” meaning caused by providers; and the rest could have been prevented with comprehensive care instead of the disjointed tooth-by-tooth “care" she got.

This unfortunately plagues many patients. Why? Because the majority of our profession is structured to only address acute issues on a tooth-by-tooth bases limited to the confines of dental benefits plans (ofter incorrectly called “dental insurances”), making a comprehensive plan nearly impossible. Dental benefit plans are based on a tooth-by-tooth diseased-based model, locking contracted providers into this structure and sealing their patients’ dental fate. Sadly it works for the profession because it ensures patients will slowly have worsening degradation of their mouths over time - what a great business model! There is no freedom in this!

If you’ve ever felt like your teeth are having issues, one after the other, this was likely the reason!

I am very sad! Not only about the state of the smile of my beautiful friend but about the critical-condition level dysfunction with which dentistry is practiced in the US today.

There is HOPE!

The solution lies in a comprehensive approach, detailed evaluation of the chewing system and a cohesive plan that aligns with establishing long term health, stability and aesthetics of a smile and a body as a whole. It must be individualized and executed with integrity.

To help you understand what I mean, let’s take a simple example: let’s say a tooth breaks or gets a cavity. The epiphany most never get until it’s too late, is to realize that something CAUSED that; it is not just normal aging. Therefore, just placing a filling or implant guarantees it will happen again not only to that tooth, but to others, since everything is interconnected and the cause was never addressed. It is critical to find the cause or causes, which may be a number of things like the teeth being misaligned, bad types of bacteria being present under the gums, poor past dental work, nasal obstruction, or a range of other issues.

I am deeply grateful

to work with Dr. Stephen Hutton - a periodontal surgeon. He is an incredible person: compassionate, kind, patient and caring; as well as excellent in his patient care delivery. In addition, he has a rare level of experience and expertise. As a surgeon who taught other dentists how to do periodontics as a teaching faculty in the Navy, Dr. Steve is an internationally recognized expert at bone grafting, implant placement, gum grafting for exposed and sensitive roots as well as periodontal plastic surgery- shaping gum levels to be perfectly aligned for a truly stunning smile!

I have seen the work of many periodontists over the decades, and his is the best I have ever seen!

What makes our relationship and partnership work is an unwavering commitment to our highest priority: ELITE level patient care delivered with compassion and excellence as well as the non-transactional nature of our partnership and approach to taking care of people.

The way this sets us apart from other practices is our ability to deliver the highest level of care in one location with the most seamless patient experience and outstanding results! We work in partnership, start with the end in mind and DELIVER results!

Teamwork makes the DREAM work! Dr. Steve builds the foundation ( bone and gums ) and Dr. Elona finishes the house on that foundation, gorgeous teeth and the final amazing smile!

As famed investor and thought leader Ray Dalio says: we can do ANYTHING but we can’t do EVERYTHING - the key is for each of us to focus on the work (s)he does BEST and partner with other experts to compliment our gifts and talents.

I am grateful to work with such an incredible individual and to be able to offer such and wonderful immense value to our clients.

Do you have sensitive teeth?

Do you have missing teeth?

Do you have inflamed gums?

Do you have loose teeth?

Do your tooth roots show (ie, are you getting “long in the tooth”)?

Do you have uneven gums that show too much and create a “gummy“ smile?

These are not just tooth issues but also gingiva (“gum”) and bone issues - which are the most common issues missed by dentists and can lead to issues like my friend has. Well, we wont miss it!

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions or know someone who is dealing with those issues, a comprehensive Smile Transformation Consultation may be the answer you have been looking for!

Dr. Elona (me) and Dr. Steve make our time available for FREE to help you and others you care about. We believe in forming a relationship of trust, giving immense value with our time and expertise and creating blue print that clearly shows you a plan for long term success and ultimately FREEDOM from ongoing dental issues. Call us at (858) 876-9100 or click below to schedule.

If you want to finally have clarity and be set FREE in this area of your life, schedule a consultation and forward this email to others in your life or invite them to our practice.

It’s an honor to be of service.

With love and gratitude,Dr. Elona

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