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Happy 8th Birthday to Inspire Smiles

Happy 8th Birthday to Inspire Smiles

Dr. Elona 24 yrs in practice! 🎂❤️🎂 - Gift Offer!

I left one of our daughters at the Rady Children’s Hospital ICU because she was experiencing serious physical consequences of an eating disorder.  She was as safe as she could be.  I had to go. This was to be the big day. A lot was at stake and many people were involved.  We had been working on it for months and dreaming of it for years.  I had been a dentist for many years, but never a business owner.  It was time.  With tears in my eyes, I drove to 530 Lomas Santa Fe, Suite A, and in a state of both fear and faith, signed the documents to officially purchase the practice that you now call your dental home. That day was July 15th 2015; a day that I will never forget.

It has been an amazing journey of facing my darkest fears, overcoming seemingly impossible challenges and experiencing the greatest joys. Through this work I have met the most amazing people imaginable!  I am so grateful for each of them, including you!

Today I am a completely different doctor, leader, business owner and person than I was 8 years ago.  I am grateful for all of the hardships: I am better FOR all I have dealt with and faced.

Early on I was struggling badly.  In order to maintain the drive to show up with excellence in each of my roles: dentist, business owner, mother of three and wife, I had to seek deeper meaning in my life.  The crucible of challenges compelled me gain clarity on how I am meant to make a difference in our local community and hopefully the world at large.  I discerned that it was by to be by restoring smiles of trafficking survivors and creating a non profit to expand that effort. That is how Inspire Changes was born.

In addition, the challenges and hardships, set against a will to always deliver excellence and be at my best brought the necessity to seek the help and support of others.  I worked with coaches and mentors from well known names like Tony Robbins, several distinguished colleague mentors, programs like Landmark and others.  During this journey, I invested over 600 hours in personal development.  I became aware of many limiting beliefs and constrained ways of thinking I had.  I gained access to freedom, personal power and self expression that I never had before.  Through this work a desire grew within me to be the guide showing the way to others. That desire to give back to others, and to support and uplift them led to my completion of Certified High Performance Coaching training and the formation of Inspire Lives, my coaching brand.

I also invested in many advanced dental specific programs, exceeding what 97% of dentists undergo.   That is how I came to be a highly trained advanced Aesthetic and Reconstructive dentists!

One big lesson from all of this is that Life is NEVER happening TO you, it is ALWAYS happening FOR you! 🔥❤️🔥

Thank you to all of you for making Inspire Smiles what it is, and being part of who I am! Our stand is to TRANSFORM the experience of dentistry for patients, dental teams and doctors.

To celebrate our business’ birthday and support local business owners, I am offering completely FREE Certified High Performance Coaching Strategy Sessions to small business owners as well as up to 50% discounts on the tuition for those who qualify.

Reserve your FREE strategy session by clicking the button or link to Inspire Lives website below; or text me directly at (858) 925-3142 to schedule an initial call to see if this type of coaching is right for you.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

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