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How to make ANYTHING work and perform better - even yourself!

How to make ANYTHING work and perform better - even yourself!

Happy Sunday! ✨

This week I will share on a non-dental topic!

I am going to share with you how to make ANYTHING or any area of life work, or work better then it does now, and how to boost performance in that area.

Yes you read that correctly!

When you hear the word “Integrity” - what do you automatically think and feel?  Something about morality or being “good” perhaps? Well, that is NOT what I am taking about!

Consider that we “ARE” our word. For example, “I am your dentist” or “I am her husband” or “I represent XYZ company” or “I am an athlete” or “I am a student.”  Our word is to ourselves, as well as to others.

When our actions match our word (ie, what we give our word to), we are “whole and complete.”  There is nothing missing.  

This is a very specialized definition of the word “integrity.”  This is different than the ordinary usage of the word, which has a lot of baggage! When I use the word integrity, I am NOT referring to anything moral, nor anything right, wrong, good, bad, nor anything that should or should not be.  In this context, “integrity” simply means that a person’s word and action match. They do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, the way it is meant to be done.  That is all.

When we remain in the state of integrity to our word, we are powerful: others trust us and view us as consistent and stable; and we feel “big.”  We are highly effective and accomplish what we say we will.   The outcome is that our lives “work” and our performance is high.

Because we are our word, if our actions do not match our word, we are diminished.  We even feel smaller. How do you feel when you lie or don’t fulfill an obligation? When out of integrity, we do fulfill on what we gave our word to, we appear as erratic to others, and we are less effective. Our lives just don't work for ourselves, nor for others. The result is poor performance.

A common cause of a lack of integrity is the “reasons" we make up for why we “can’t” do what we said.  We make up a story and convince ourselves that it is true, for why we didn’t do X. “I was late because blah blah” or “I didn’t make that payment because blah blah”, or “I can’t come because blah blah.”   Generally these reasons are not the cause of our lack of integrity in reality.

So integrity is proportional to workability is proportional to performance.

This also works for things.  A business has to have integrity to work, and the more integrity its processes have to its word (mission), the more effective that business is.  Likewise a device has to have integrity to its purpose (word) in its design, materials and build for it to work.  

So, the greater the degree of integrity you have, or anything has, to its word, the greater the workability and performance.  

Here is the challenge for the week to increase workability and performance in your life: BE ON TIME!!! If you make an appointment with someone or are supposed to call someone or be somewhere - BE ON TIME! You gave your word to something, now DO IT.  Give up any “reasons” you make up for why you “can’t”.  That is how you experience Integrity. That is how you get to create your experience of being powerful in life.  

You may ask: what if I fail to do what I say? You will. There is even a powerful way to handle when you are out of integrity! I’ll share about that later.

As you grow in integrity, you will feel like someone who does not have anything missing, in a state of being whole and complete.

This is a fundamental way to build a state of wholeness and completeness within, which in turn gives rise to the experience of life we create for ourselves.

Integrity, defined in this way is a big important topic, and we have just scratched the surface. It is the key to making your life work or work better in any area.

Integrity is one of the areas we work on in Certified High Performance Coaching w Dr. Elona through Inspire Lives.

If you like this and want to talk more, visit Inspire Lives Website at, click the button below, or just text me directly.

Send a text to my personal mobile (858) 925-3142 to see if this type of coaching is for you.

I will share more on Integrity in subsequent emails. STAY TUNED!!!

Practice being in integrity at the level of your word given to time and experience a miraculous transformation to your experience of life.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤

This email was created by me, Dr. Elona, personally. Not a 3rd party and not AI

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