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In the Month of Love - We're Evolving to Provide You More Value!

In the Month of Love - We're Evolving to Provide You More Value!

Happy February - the month of LOVE!!!❤️

February is my favorite month as it contains Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and my Birthday! I was born on Feb 29th, Leap Year Day - this year there will actually BE a Feb 29th!!!

We have great news at the practice!

We have moved our ELITE level services and patient experiences to a new level. 🙌🏻

We have brought in the finest in-office milling technology that will allow us to make high-quality, beautiful dental restorations in one office visit. 🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻

After many years of research and waiting for the technology to catch up to my HIGH ELITE standards, we are happy to introduce the VHF milling system. It is designed and engineered in Germany and has shown to produce amazing results over time efficiently and effectively.  The VHF technology has been around for many years and used for the most advanced work both in the US and Europe.

We did not choose the most popular brand in the US: CEREC, of which you may have heard. The reason we didn’t choose that system is that the restorations they make are not as high quality as other options we could offer, namely highly detailed, hand made restorations by skilled technicians.   In my option, only now as a company (VHF) made a machine good enough to make restorations that meet my high standards.

What does it mean for you ?🙋🏼♀️

Depending on the specific restorative need of an individual, we may be able to offer a restoration for a tooth in a single visit versus a week or two of lab work (while the patient has a temporary restoration). As with all things, there are limitations - it’s not always best for everyone, nor in every clinical scenario. Overall, however, with this device we can speed the process for a lot of restorations while maintaining exceptional quality and aesthetics.  

I am sure you have seen or heard of a “crown-in-a-day.”  They can be great (which is why we now have this device). However they aren’t always the best option.

3 reasons why the same day restoration may not be the best choice:

  1. Some teeth need time to heal and at times it’s actually best to place a provisional restoration first and allow the tooth to heal vs placing the final restoration in the same day.
  2. In the past, milling machines were not able to mill out Zirconia, which is the strongest and most durable material for molars.  Our system can mill Zirconia.
  3. Sometimes the bite needs to be evaluated and tested prior a final restoration being placed.

In addition, all  front  teeth, “smile design” and full rehabilitation cases (10 or more teeth) must be done by high level Master Ceramists mostly by hand. The engineering, design and artistry at this level cannot be replaced by machines currently. These master artisans create subtle variation in micranatomy, color, translucently gradients, and texture making the restorations gorgeously life like.  We use elite labs with technicians who have advanced certifications and experience to get these results, which are indistinguishable from nature.  

Who are the best candidates for these same day restorations?

  1. People who have a single tooth issue that needs a restoration fast where we have no concerns about the long term stability of the underlying tooth.
  2. Single to very few premolar or molar only restorations that don’t require a full crown yet, but need something stronger than just a filling.
  3. Emergencies when we need to do something the same day to take care of the issue.

We will definitely advise you on what’s BEST for YOU! Faster does not always mean better! We treat individuals according to each’s specific needs, taking into consideration health, structure, function and aesthetic requirements; NOT to try to make everyone fit our newest technology.

We ARE excited! With the new technology we are also restructuring our team and adding new team members. Please welcome them with open arms and open hearts - they are VERY well trained and have high levels of experience and expertise, although being new requires an adjustment. Most of all, they want to give you a great experience and outcome!

Practice love, patience, and grace - all the beautiful gifts we would want others to offer us.  

With love and gratitude,Dr. Elona ❤️

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