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Merry 🎄 ❤️ 🎄 Christmas!

Merry 🎄  ❤️   🎄 Christmas!

The week before Christmas 🎄was the most amazing experience at the practice! Everyone was happy, patient, kind, generous and filled with joy and anticipation of something great to come! Hope, joy and LOVE were definitely in the air. Everyone was "living into" the future of the holiday, and expreincing it even though it has not yet technically arrived!

The uplifting music was on (we ALWAYS have the best music!!! musical_note), many of you stopped by with gifts and well wishes. People who are normally fearful of being at the dentist, or are reserved were open, connected and at ease. We talked about plans for gatherings with friends and family, travel, fun activities, delicious food and gifts. It was such a blessing!

A part of me was asking: “Why can’t we have this type of experience with each other ALL the time?” 🤷🏼‍♀️

Yes, Christmas holidays are a special and specific time dedicated to certain activities - although the spirt of it is available to us ALL the time! 🙌

We can carry patience, joy, encouragement, hope, connection, affinity for each other and LOVE into ALL of our days.

What is our life? It is the experience of events, circumstances and people. The EXPERIENCE is what gives us a sense of how it is or how it is not. Most people believe that the experience is something outside of themselves, although neuroscience and psychology disciplines have shown through studies that the experience of something is actually the story we give something, the framework though which we interpret things and the state in which we choose to be. We do this automatically. But it is within our control. We are able to choose and generate an experience of something.

For example:

-Perhaps a person’s ordinary way of being is rushed, impatient and/or emotionally closed off.

-The impact of this is that the experience of their life is annoyed, irritated and isolated

-If the chosen way of being were connected, open, and appreciative, that person would experience a life of rich social interactions in which they were routinely being delighted.

Which would you rather have?

That IS great news! We can have “Christmas” every day! We can be happy, filled with gratitude, love and grace EVERY day!

We love and appreciate all of you! Thank you for your trust in us and your continual support of our practice. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful time with loved ones and feel connected, valued, respected and deeply cherished! That is how I choose to SEE every one of you! Please KNOW YOU are heard, seen, received and deeply loved.

We are entering into the last week of 2023- PLEASE remember the un-used dental benefits do NOT roll over. If you have any unscheduled treatment, please make your reservations this week. We have very limited availability.

We plan to carry on the Christmas spirit into all of our days in 2024!

We look forward to seeing you. May the upcoming 2024 BE the year that truly made a difference for you and all whom you love and care about.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

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