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Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Inspire ALL MOTHERS, WOMEN and GIRLS in your world!

Happy Mothers Day to ALL - may all women BE greatly blessed.

Please share with all mothers, women and girls in your world.

I wrote this to acknowledge, empower and CELEBRATE ALL women!

“On this Mother’s Day we celebrate all women for their contribution to humanity. Motherhood is one of the most noble callings and roles. It is an essential component of a functional society. It is what propagates the human race and ensures our survival as a species.

Yet motherhood is not limited to physically giving birth to children. It is a choice and commitment to unconditionally give love, time, resources, energy and selflessly serve to ensure the wellbeing and success of future generations.

There are numerous examples of females who have given birth and have completely failed at motherhood. There are also plenty of examples of women who have not given physical birth and made a huge difference in the lives of others and given their all to ensure generational success.

Motherhood at it’s core is a decision made out of one’s free will. It is a choice to commit oneself to have a significant impact on the life of another and create a sustainable society for the long term. It is not a socially constructed obligation. Without it being a choice, it cannot be effective and will not produce the level of commitment necessary to do all that it takes. It is taking on the responsibility of unconditional love. Love is a choice and is demonstrated in action. It can not be forced or mandated.  It is an individual’s decision arising within the core of who they are. Love is chosen as a responsibility: by choosing mothers have a say in how authentic love is, and how truly freely it is given.

Motherhood is a commitment which does not waver with hardships, challenges or any other circumstance. It is a matter of being a certain way that does not change. It is certain and can be relied upon. Motherhood is a unique opportunity that is offered to all women. It has nothing to do with marital status, reproduction capability, age or any other outer constraint.  The female component of humanity is invited into this absolutely necessary and fulfilling role.

How, then, are we as a society to bring up our girls? We are to see them as uniquely created beings with strengths, talents, desires and power. We are to nurture their heart’s deepest callings. We are to see each one as an amazingly beautiful individual with a great purpose to contribute to society and humanity. We are to allow them the freedom to choose what their lives are to be about. We are to build them up and empower them to have a voice that is heard, respected and valued. We are to provide them all that they need to succeed thought their natural gifts, abilities and desires placed within their hearts. They need to be taught how to have strength, self-reliance, responsibly for their own choices, resilience in the face of any adversity; and above all else, full appreciation of their unique and special placement in the universe. This effort is to be a global commitment of humanity to ensure it’s own success and survival.

May all girls and women be greatly valued, cherished, appreciated and deeply loved on this day and ALWAYS.”

With love and gratitude,


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