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Presidents Day

Presidents Day

Aligning with Governing Principles is Good Leadership

(Photo of George Washington's False Teeth [from Librbary of Congress])

Happy Presidents Day!

Who is your favorite president?


What makes a leader great?

John Maxwell is an international authority on leadership and is one of my most respected authors on the subject. My favorite quote by John Maxwell is: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Leadership is the ability to influence others toward action.  In his book “The 5 Levels of Leadership,” he describes the following leaderships levels, in order of maturity as a leader:

Level 1: Position - influence due to a job position or designated authority.

Level 2: Permission - influence due to developed relationships.

Level 3: Production - achieving extraordinary results as a team or a group.

Level 4: People Development - training and developing leadership within others.

Level 5: Pinnacle - developing others to lead at level 4.

What does leadership have to do with dentistry? A LOT!!! I have made significant personal investments into being at the top of my profession clinically and it is my honor, privilege and responsibility to share my knowledge and expertise with others to lead them to make the best decisions for themselves. In addition I have undergone extensive leadership training in order to create and lead an amazing team that delivers first class results and experiences.

Let’s continue breaking up misconceptions about misaligned teeth and replacing them with truths.

Misconception #4 : Misaligned teeth correction is only for aesthetic purposes.

Truth: Although alignment is critical for aesthetics, the primary goal of tooth alignment is to achieve an OPTIMAL AIRWAY. The wider the arches of the jaws (upper and lower), the more the teeth fit into the arches and allow for most ideal location for the tongue.  Misaligned teeth usually result from crowding because the arch is too small. This forces the tongue backward. The ideal location for the tongue is below the plane of the lower teeth. If you were to place a flat plane over the biting surfaces of your lower teeth, the tongue in a natural relaxed position would ideally rest comfortably under that plane and tip of the tongue would rest right behind the four front upper teeth. With the teeth aligned in their correct positions and the tongue in the right place, the airway may now be unobstructed.  A crowded tongue position is known to be a key factor in sleep apnea, which affects oxygenation of the body, causes heart strain, elevated pulmonary perfusion pressure (pressure on the blood vessels of the lungs), a weakened immune system and degraded mental function among other effects.

To learn more, request a FREE 30 consultation to determine how teeth alignment can help you maintain the most optimal airway. Call (858) 876-9100.

At the consultation I will perform an exam of your airway, we will take an Itero scan to show the current alignment of teeth, bite force distribution, create a simulation of the results of the re-alignment, and discuss how alignment treatment (if indicated) would benefit your oral and overall health. We will also discuss whether Invisalign treatment is the right treatment for you.

Reminder : $1000/off Invisalign treatment ends in 2 weeks; it’s only through the end of February.

With love and gratitude, Dr. Elona ❤️

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