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Silent Killer! 🤐☠️warning We CAN HELP! 🆘

Silent Killer! 🤐☠️warning We CAN HELP! 🆘

Happy Sunday!

Now that we have a clearing for an extraordinary life- the life of fulfillment and joy ( if you missed my last email, please search for it or let us know and we can resend it to you), lets get back to basics. It’s almost impossible to feel great and love our lives if our physical health is compromised.

How would any pathogen (a disease producing microorganism) enter our body?

We are living in the post COVID-19 pandemic world, so it should not come as a surprise to you that yes, you guessed it: THE MOUTH 👄 is one of the main ways. Hence the masks!!! 😷.

Our mouth is a gateway to our body and a window through which we can truly see what is REALLY going on with our systemic health.

We all LOVE attractive smiles: they are magnetic and the very first thing that we notice about people. The appearance of another person’s smile (or lack thereof) is one of the main characteristics our brains use to form an interpretation of whether we feel a sense of affinity towards them or not. That is very obvious.  What may be less obvious is the fact that the smiles we find aesthetic occur to us as such if they signify health! Health is a main determinant of attractiveness for human beings because it IS foundational for survival and has evolutionary advantages.

The most fundamental aspect of health in the mouth is the condition of gums and bone.  The health of these structures affect, and thus visually cue others, to the health of the rest of our body. They are the supporting structure for the teeth and are called the “periodontium.”

Pathogens collect above and below the gumline, produce local inflammation, destroy the bone that supports the teeth, and enter the systemic blood stream causing systemic bacteremia (bacteria in the blood stream) and systemic inflammation.

In fact, periodontal pathogens have been linked to 57 systemic conditions! For example, the same pathogens in the gingiva have been found in blood vessels of people who have died from heart attacks!

I am NOT trying to scare you, but I care about you and believe you deserve to know.

Data supports that periodontal disease is a “silent killer” in the US, to a large extent because of its effects of the cardiovascular system. We KNOW that heart disease is linked to pathogens in the mouth. It is silent because it does not hurt at all until teeth are at danger of being lost or someone has a heart, or other systemic, condition that produces pain elsewhere in the body. In the mouth it may never really cause significant discomfort or any symptom that we can feel.

In dentistry there is a nation wide health breakdown with significant under diagnosis of periodontal disease due to Dental Benefit Plans limitations on the coverage of necessary care of  periodontitia. This has been recognized by various professional dental societies.

Our commitment is to TRANSFORM the experience of dentistry through being ELITE (definition of elite is being at the top 3-5%) in the care we strive to provide.

As an ELITE level practice we strive for optimal health that can be achieved and long term maintained. Dental Benefit Plans determine benefits at the level of absence of significant disease. In other words, if the disease process is not advanced or significant enough, there will not be any benefits provided.

What would you like for yourself:

the presence of sustained HEALTH?


absence of significant enough disease ?

Are you proactive or reactive in life ? Do you want authentic “healthCARE” or disease management?

Do you want to establish and maintain health or wait until disease process is significant enough and the treatment is more lengthly, costly and less predictable or perhaps the effects of disease process are not reversible?

Choose HEALTH ! Stand for YOU- no one will do it for you unless YOU go first!

Make your preventive care reservation or invite a friend or family member to a NEW Patient special! We offer the special gifts of laser bacterial reduction, screening with a special light to determine soft tissue abnormalities including cancer and enamel sealing with a protective shield FOR FREE! - it’s a gift of HEALTH we give to all of our new patients!

Enjoy and AMAZING week! We look forward to seeing you. With love and gratitude, Dr. Elona ❤

This email was written my me, Dr Elona, not a 3rd party and not AI

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