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The Surprising Truth about Alignment - up to $2000 off and FREE whitening!

The Surprising Truth about Alignment - up to $2000 off and FREE whitening!

Happy Summer! It’s in full swing! As we are outdoors doing fun activities and spending time with others, we deeply care about forming connected and authentic relationships as well as creating beautiful memories that last a life time!

How do we do that? Great question!!!

We do that through conversations - without authentic, deep and conscious conversations not much is possible for human beings in terms of expanding a sense of relatedness and true connection.

Did you know that our smiles play a huge role in how we are perceived by others? A conversation is produced by us moving our lower jaw, muscles of the face and the sound of our voice.

Most people evaluate their appearance by looking in the mirror and smiling. 😄🪞😁.  When we look in the mirror and smile, we show mostly our UPPER teeth.

What happens in the conversation? Here is something you may not know - when we talk, the upper lip does not move much, and upper teeth do not show much.  We show our LOWER teeth more so!  So others see us differently than we see ourselves; differently than our mirror-based self image.

You may say: “Who cares, my friends, family and others receive me for who I am and don’t care about my lower teeth, even if they are misaligned.”

This is a nice thing to believe and it’s just NOT that simple. The TRUTH is that our brains are wired for perceiving what is healthy, structurally sound and functionally sustainable as attractive. When we feel attracted to someone, we form a closer connection with them.

Let’s look at the 3 factors mentioned above :

1. Health - teeth aligned in accordance to the design of the chewing system do not tend to build up the same degree of harmful, smelly bacteria which not only compromises oral health, but directly affects systemic health in a very significant and detrimental manner.  Where else in your body do you allow ongoing inflammatory bacteria to chronically fester? Probably nowhere.

2. Structure - teeth that are aligned correctly can remain structurally sound and the bone that supports them is preserved, there is less gum disease and inflammation, less gum recession (ie getting “long in the tooth,” a visible trait of root exposure as bone absorbs-this appearance is commonly associated with aging but is not inevitable!), less tooth sensitivity, less decay and less need for dental treatment.  And any dental treatment that is done lasts longer, ideally forever. There is also less tooth fracture, less wear, less teeth becoming shorter and uneven just to name a few harmful effects.

3. Function - When our teeth are misaligned, our jaw can’t “seat” properly in its joint, and the teeth can sense that they are not interdigitating correctly. Thus the jaws can automatically seek alignment, which manifests as grinding.  Teeth that are aligned and placed in appropriate position within the jaw bone create a balance within the chewing system, so there is less muscle strain, less tightness in the jaw, less tooth pain, less headaches, neck and back pain, and better function of the TMJ joints.   How well does your car drive when the wheels are out of alignment? There is a high correlation between misaligned teeth and sleep apnea: it can indicate that the jaws are too small.  The tongue has to have room to rest in the correct position.  In addition the size of the upper jaw and nasal passages are directly related.  Hence, crowding of the upper teeth can be associated with nasal breathing issues, and crowding of teeth in either jaw can be associated with sleep apnea.  Therefore aligned teeth are associated with higher quality sleep, stronger immune system, more emotional balance, more mental focus, less issues with weight gain and ultimately more energy being made available to the body through physical exercise or to support your chosen lifestyle.

Let’s not deceive ourselves and pretend that we don’t care about all of that!!! The truth sets us FREE and allows us to make a true choice about what we really want for ourselves and our lives.

Without truth, how is it possible to truly make a choice?

Choose TRUTH, schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Elona to discuss how teeth alignment may benefit you and your life.

Invisalign specials for the month of August are: $2000 off complete treatment, $1000 of limited treatment + FREE gift of in office professional whitening with Zoom!

I look forward to sharing with you how teeth alignment can truly bring you benefits FAR beyond an attractive smile!

Press the button below or call to schedule your FREE alignment consultation!

Dr. Elona ❤️

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