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Valentine's Aligment

Valentine's Aligment

$1000 OFF Invisalign + FREE professional whitening!!! Offer expires on Valentine’s Day!!!

Last week we started a series called: Truth About Misaligned Teeth. We hope you ARE intrigued! It’s ALWAYS great to KNOW the truth! It get’s us out of our misconceptions or “lies” we choose to believe and sets us FREE!

This Day of Love (as you may recall, it is my [Dr. Elona’s] MOST favorite holiday!🙌🏻) Let’s celebrate FREEDOM! We love you and that’s why we want you to KNOW the truth!  A Perfect Valentine’s Day gift🎁: LOVE ❤️and FREEDOM✨.   Love and freedom are intertwined, they are different sides of the same coin: only in true freedom one can authentically love and love offered in freedom is the only love that is true! More on that in our future communication. Let’s get to teeth!

This month we are focusing on aesthetics. We will choose the misconception #3 from last week’s email.

Lie: “Misaligned teeth are not noticed by others.”


  • 99.7% of adults say an attractive smile is an important personal asset - alignment of the teeth will help you form relationships with others. Who knows, maybe even lead to LOVE!
  • 74% of adults perceive an attractive smile as important for getting the job of their dreams - alignment of the teeth may help you get a job, a better job, a raise or professional advancement! What would your life be like with more resources and greater satisfaction in your work?
  • Surprise! When we smile our upper front teeth show, when we talk our lower teeth show. Lower teeth are often overlooked in aesthetics of the smile because we don't normally talk to ourselves in the mirror to notice how much they show when speaking. Alignment of the teeth will help you communicate with more impact and influence. What could be made possible in your life if your communication were taken to a new level?

This week only: $1000 OFF Invisalign Treatment + FREE Zoom Whitening (value of $550).

Make your reservation TODAY!

With love and gratitude, Dr. Elona ❤️

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