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WHAT?? I thought Labor Day was a day OFF!?!😱

WHAT?? I thought Labor Day was a day OFF!?!😱

It’s a glorious weekend in San Diego! ☀

Happy Labor Day to all! 🙌🏻

I acknowledge and celebrate each of us for our hard work and contributions to humanity in whichever way that unfolds for each one of us.

This week I was asked by a friend whether or not I feel fulfilled and balanced in my life.

My answer to fulfillment was an ABSOLUTE and UNDENIABLE “YES!!!”🔥

“Balance," on the other hand, can be somewhat of an elusive dream. It depends on how one defines balance. Is it qual amount of time spent doing work, play, time with friends and loved ones, exercise, personal reflection, spiritual practice, meditation, health practice, exercise, training, adventure, service and giving back to the community and other aspects of life that make up a full life?

If we choose to be up to bigger things in life and go for what is beyond the ordinary and predictable, to expand and grow and to set some mighty goals - equal amount of time or even "enough" time for all that we consider important is an impossible dream to achieve.  If we use time as a measure of “balance” or something that needs to continually be “balanced," we will always feel like the time we have is not enough, no matter what we are doing. Work will appear as a burden, fun will seem either too short or frivolous and we will be in constant pursuit of something that is unattainable.  

Whatever we are doing in the moment will seem like “this isn't it” - as in when we work we will be thinking about all the fun we are missing and when we are having fun we will be thinking about the work we are not getting done. That’s where the sense of “overwhelm,” “too busy,” and “not enough time” come from. It does not come from what we are doing, it comes from the language we give to what we are doing.

I invite you to consider changing the language a bit. The experience of life for human beings exists in language. Consider changing “balanced” life to “full" life, “the life I love”, perhaps even an “extraordinary life.” If it is such, which it will be if we say so, why would we "need" a break, time off, or vacation from the life we CHOSE, LOVE and feel fully ALIVE in? After all, it is ALL just your life that you chose!

Today let’s give due gratitude and recognition to the labor of love, dedication and enormous sacrifice that was given by so many to build this wonderful country in all of its facets. We are greatly BLESSED to live in the BEST country on earth! We have freedom, opportunity and we get to CHOOSE.

TODAY, CHOOSE joy, peace, love, patience, kindness, inspiration, motivation, gratitude and maybe even consider being of service to someone in need. Doing so may not result in a restful day (as many expect on this holiday), although it WILL ABSOLUTELY BE an AMAZING experience within a truly EXTRAORDINARY chosen life!

This day I acknowledge our INSPIRE SMILES inspiring team of 7 extraordinary individuals.

These are fun facts about US:

Teresa, main clinical assistant - LOVES TO SING (She serenades us throughout the day and we love it!!)! Beth, scheduling coordinator and surgical assistant - LOVES TO ROCK CLIMB AND IS A JUJITSU ATHLETE - WATCH OUT!

Aubrey, dental hygienist and myofunctional therapist - LOVES TO RIDE HORSES!

Tricia, billing , benefits and finical coordinator - LOVES TO CREATE IN THE DIGITAL SPACE AND IS A WORLD-CLASS MAKEUP ARTIST!

Carolina, scheduling coordinator - LOVES TO SWIM! Dr. Debbie, periodontal surgeon - LOVES TO DO MISSION WORK! Dr. Curtis, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon - LOVES CALISTHENICS! I, Dr. Elona, aesthetic and rehabilitative dentist - LOVE YOGA!

Remember the fun facts about us when you come in and we will give you a special gift of appreciation for being the REASON we GET TO live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

If you want to be of service and don’t know where to start, you can make a tax deductive donation to Inspire Changes, the non profit I created to restore smiles of trafficking survivors in San Diego - it truly CHANGES lives and gives a sense of dignity and opportunity to those whose lives were stolen by modern day slavery.

One of the ladies we helped this week had a job interview for a job she really wanted. Prior to treatment she was missing a front tooth and had severe visible decay-not what an employer wants to see.  Now (although her smile is still a work in progress) she has a healthy looking presentable smile. I just texted her this weekend and she GOT THE JOB!! She expressed deep gratitude for giving her a smile that she feels confident with to be able to face the world with courage and strength. She is SUPER excited to work long hours and have the job that she would have never been able to get without the smile.

Make your donation today! go click the button below or go to:

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤

I, Dr Elona, personally wrote this email, not a 3rd party and not AI

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