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What would Petronius Gaius say? Who is that?!?

What would Petronius Gaius say?  Who is that?!?

All the ladies in the house say “Hey!!!” 🙋🏼❤️🙋🏼

My last week’s email was more focused on men, although the health risks of pathogens found in bacterial plaque do not discriminate on the basis of gender! 🚨‼️🚨

If you are a woman or have a woman in your life whom you love or care about, please read on!

Harmful pathogens in the mouth are correlated to the following (most people would find surprising) health risks in women:

1) Emotional volatility (data shows that anxiety and depression are PERVASIVE and plague over 30% of the population, and is significantly higher in women)😩

2) Inability to conceive😢

3) Miscarriages and low birthweight babies

4) Weight gain or inability to lose weight😓

5) Hormonal imbalance 😫

Other affected aspects of life are almost impossible to quantify: self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, success, fulfillment, and living a full and balanced life. These dimensions of life are almost completely overlooked in health care and play a huge role in how one experiences life. Taking care of ourselves is associated with thriving with a high quality life versus living a life of “surviving” a mundane day to day existence. This is applicable to all people; both men and women.

What we KNOW from studies is that one’s sense of worth and self esteem are directly proportional to the level of:

1) Income one makes (up to a point) 🙌🏻

2) Enjoyment of life 🙌🏻

3) High quality relationships 🙌🏻

4) Opportunities for professional growth 🙌🏻

5) Ability to influence others 🙌🏻

What does that all this have to do with me, you might ask?

A LOT!!!‼️

Health, vitality and sense of attractiveness that stems from wellness. Well-being will give us what any one of us would consider important. 🤩

Attractiveness and beauty sometimes have a bit of a bad rep! They are almost seen as inauthentic or superficial. In reality our brains are created to perceive as attractive what is healthy, structurally sound and sustainable. It applies to all of nature, not just to mouths. To a large extent, attractiveness is an expression of health and wellbeing.

That is why in our practice as well as at the level of the professional standing I have achieved, we don’t use the word “cosmetic”. Cosmetic has an underlying meaning of covering something up and just making something superficially look good. Our work delivers a quality, depth and comprehensiveness far beyond that. Of course, physically “Looking good” may not be a value all of us share to the same degree, but a desire for health and wellbeing is certainly almost ubiquitous to all human beings. We all want to be well and enjoy life.

Instead of cosmetic we use the word “aesthetic”.

“Aesthetic - adjective, concerned with beauty or appreciation of beauty.”   Aesthetic relates to the nature of beauty; which spontaneously arises from what is naturally most ideal for surival.  “Beauty” in this context is that sense of appreciation of something we all seek and desire - health, vitality, sense of confidence, joy, fulfillment and living life to the FULLEST!

Both men and women want that!!!🔥

Incidentally you may be wondering who Petronius Gaius (from the subject line of this email) is/was.  He was a famous "arbiter elegantiarum" in ancient Rome - one who decides for Cesar what is beautiful or not!

What a job! What can you do about enjoying the best quality of life?

If you ask a dentist: schedule your preventive visit and a smile rehabilitation or restoration consultation for the most comprehensive solution.

The photos above are of me when I was 25! Today at 48 I dedicate my time, energy and all of my resources to making OTHERS look and feel their best! That includes YOU!!!

Make your reservation and let’s TALK!!!

TODAY IS THE DAY you prioritize YOU and put that oxygen mask on yourself before helping others (if you missed the last email where we share about that, go to the Blog Tab -Newsletter section of our website or click this link

Also, watch this video on the befits of improving your smile by clicking the link below.

Let’s connect !!! ❤️😊❤️

With love and gratitude, Dr. Elona ❤️

I personally made this email, not a 3rd party, not AI

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