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Happy Sunday!✨

I am super excited to announce the very first spring fundraising event for Inspire Changes - a charitable organization (501(C)3) which provides smile rehabilitation of trafficking survivors in San Diego.

There will be great food and drinks, wonderful interpersonal connection, a live singer, a survivor will tell her story, you’ll hear moving speeches, bid on auction items, and more.

You are invited!  The photo in the email IS the invitation.

See above. ⬆️

Date: 05/11/2024
Time : 4pm - 8pm
Location: One Paseo Living, Maker’s Studio.
Tickets: $45 - which are purchased by directly donating that amount or more to Inspire Changes via the QR code or  The receipt your ticket!

I have personally been restoring smiles of survivors for over 6 years with minimal to no outside resources other than God’s miraculous provision! The formation of the charitable foundation, Inspire Changes, in 2022 allowed us to create an effective tracking method for important aspects of our services to survivors and others in need. From 2022 to the present, the value of services provided to survivors totals $246,674.  All of this has been accomplished through my relentless commitment to the cause with minimal resources, mostly through my willingness to operate at that level of generosity to these people, whom I am called to serve.

I am deeply grateful to partners who have come along side us to make a difference for survivors. Thank you to all of you who have made a financial contribution to offset the costs. We are also deeply grateful to Phoenician Dental Studio (a dental lab), Dr. Justin Naylor (an endodontist), Dr. Daniel Witcher (an oral surgeon), and Dr. Jeffery Schaefer (an orthodontist) for providing services either free or for reduced fees.  Of course a big thanks also goes to family members and friends who helped get this project off the ground.

God has placed a Big Vision into my heart for 2024! Our goal is to double the level of services we provided in 2023 to $300,000 in the value of services rendered. This will require $150,000 to cover basic material costs and lab expenses.

You are all invited to our fist annual event. It will be an intimate event, limited to only 95 people who deeply care about the cause and are willing to attend with an intention of making a contribution.

If you are CALLED to make a difference for this specific cause - please attend by purchasing a ticket through the QR code, or go to  The donation receipt directly to Inspire Changes IS your ticket to the event).

We already have 20 seats reserved in just 3 days - so contribute now to secure your spots! 🙌🏻

Whether or not you will attend, or make a contribution, please share this email with others, like your employer, friends, or with community groups that may be willing to participate.  You can make a difference just by doing that!

When purchasing your ticket we invite you to make an additional contribution:

  • Contributions of $5000 receive 5 tickets and 2 Zoom treatments valued at $1100.
  • Contributions of $3000 get 3 tickets and 1 Zoom treatment valued at $550
  • Contributions of $1000 receive 1 ticket, 1 airflow guided biofilm therapy treatment, and coco floss organic and biodegradable premium home care products, a $245 value.

As an incentive to not only transform your own smile BUT also make restoration possible for others in need, we will donate 10% of the value of any aesthetic or comprehensive treatment that is scheduled in the month of April to this “Women Who Make a Difference” Inspire Changes fundraising event.

You will receive a receipt for the tax-deductible contribution of 10% of the treatment amount, and a FREE ticket to the event.
So if you have been putting off your teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign or any other aesthetic treatment you have been wanting to complete - NOW IS THE TIME! Support this amazing cause.

Because the event happens the Saturday before Mother’s Day, it IS a great way to celebrate moms and support women. We scheduled it that way intentionally, so make your Mama proud! Maybe even give a gift 🎁 of this beautiful event to your mom and come with her! ❤️

Press the link below to read the Del Mar News Article.

Press the link below or use the QR code above to make the $45 ticket purchase or a donation of any amount above that to support the event an receive a ticket.

With love and gratitude,
Dr. Elona ❤️

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