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Your Context is Decisive. - What?!?! or "How to Choose Your Experience of Life"

Your Context is Decisive. - What?!?! or "How to Choose Your Experience of Life"

Happy Sunday! ❄️❤️❤️❤️❄️

The holidays are already upon us!!! 🎄

Are you excited about it, overwhelmed, anxious, oblivious or resigned?

What do holidays represent for YOU?

The context or the “story” we give life is decisive, meaning it DECIDES for us!

What? How can it be you may ask?

It’s proven by neuroscience. Our brain automatically generates interpretations about current events based on past experiences, a.k.a. stories.  These “familiar contexts” allow is to run established programs.  This way our brains avoid having to deal with something new that it needs to figure out how to manage. This requires more energy and new neuronal connections which is work that your brain prefers to avoid. Basically, our default is comfort, familiarity, and patterns, NOT challenge. 🤨

Why does that matter?

It matters because the context we give life’s circumstances is how life occurs to us and how we experience it.

If we are experiencing pressure and overwhelm we ARE giving what’s happening a negative and disempowering context, we are assigning the circumstances a meaning that is stealing our joy, love, peace and vitality!

Who is responsible for how we get to experience life? Our circumstances? Our automatically generated context or story? Or us as potentially deliberate and intentional humans?

We have the full freedom to choose!

If we choose circumstances, we are at the mercy of what’s happing, or not happening; or the people, events, and conditions in which we find ourselves. =

If we consciously choose, we get too have a say in how we interpret circumstances. If we ignore it and don’t consciously  choose, circumstance WIN. They “decide for us” in our experience of life.  By NOT choosing, we allow the circumstance to choose for us.

Holiday examples:

  1. Decorating is happening late or “incorrectly”.  The automatic context might be “we aren’t ready for the holidays” causing stress.  Chosen context: The holiday is not about decorations its about (relationships, your religions observation etc).
  2. Automatic context "I haven't bought presents for everyone yet and if I dont they'll be disappointed."  Chosen context:  I get to write meaningful cards this year, or I get to focus on just being with people, or I get to focus more on the true meaning of the holidays based on my religious belief etc.
  3. My loved one isn’t here any more for the holidays. Automatic context: (s)he should be here, I’m sad and its hard.   Chosen context: I am grateful that I am here, I get to offer a loving experience for someone who is lonely, I get to celebrate that person with those I am with etc.

Here is the CHALLENGE!!!

Get present to the context you are giving to what’s happening. What are we making things mean? Take responsibility for “how you ARE” in whatever “is or is not.” That is the ONLY area in which we have full control. We can’t control people nor circumstances, we can only control how we ARE or how we CHOOSE TO BE.

Choose peace, love, patience, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, goodness, generosity, grace.

What can you make possible for yourself and your life as you enter the holidays?

Is it going to be more of the same, year after year?

Are you willing to be courageous and BE an interruption?

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @inspiresmilessd and share how you are being an interruption to the predicable and ordinary and share your possibility stories!

…and definitely tell us about it in person when you come in!!! 🙌

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May YOUR holidays BE beautiful and blessed! Since you will BE in them and you get to choose how to BE, they will BE however you are BEING!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Elona ❤️

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